Real estate agent and his buyer clients using a tablet

As a real estate agent, you should be spending time calling prospects, meeting with clients, and showing properties. You shouldn’t be spending a ton of time scouring the internet for cool tools, apps and gadgets to help you be more productive. That’s my job! Every so often, we’ll be checking back in with the latest . . .

Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents


What dogs can teach agents about working in the real estate industry

When you take your dog for a walk, which one of you is in control? Sure, you hold the leash, but who ultimately controls the pace and the length of the stops along the way? The situation is similar to an agent’s relationship with potential real estate clients. Although we like to think we hold . . .

What Dogs Can Teach You About Real Estate


how to ask for and get real estate referral leads

Prospecting is vital. You must prospect every day. But if cold-calling and cold-knocking are your only ways into finding new listings and new buyers, you’re going to burn yourself out – and fast. Eventually, you want to get to the point where most of your calls are to people who already know your name, what . . .

Asking for Referrals


Are local and industry conferences and conventions worth real estate agents time?

Every year, there are more real estate industry conventions and conferences than any one agent can possibly attend. Then, there are the local networking events, such as chamber mixers and community events that can be used (subtly) to network. All of these events can quickly fill up a real estate agent’s calendar, so it’s important . . .

Real Estate Conferences and Conventions


as home prices rise, homeowners are using their home equity to finance purchases and remodels

Want more real estate news? Click here for a complete list of our “This Week in Real Estate” articles. More Homeowners Are Utilizing Home Equity The housing bust, which triggered a recession and a massive nationwide dip in home equity, deprived many homeowners of tapping into their homes for cash. But, with home prices now rising, more . . .

This Week’s Real Estate Update


how real estate agents can take vacations

When was the last time you took some time off? If you’re like most real estate agents, you probably can’t remember. If you’re feeling chained to your client list and think it’s impossible for you to take a vacation, think again. The world, and your real estate practice, won’t fall apart if you take some . . .

How Agents Can Take Vacations


What is takes to get approved for a mortgage loan - debt-to-income ratios, closing times and credit scores

Now may be the time to strike: Recent data indicates that the closing rate on mortgage applications is up, and the time required from application to closing is down, according to the latest Mortgage Origination Report from Ellie Mae. How We Got Here: A Quick Background on Mortgages It seems like only yesterday banks were . . .

Mortgage Loan Approvals


U.S. home prices rose at their slowest rate in two years in July 2014, according to the Case-Shiller Index

Want more real estate news? Click here for a complete list of our “This Week in Real Estate” articles. Home Prices Rise at Slowest Pace in Two Years In the year ending in July, home prices in 20 American cities monitored by the S&P/Case-Shiller index increased. The not-so-good news: Prices rose at the slowest pace in almost . . .

This Week’s Real Estate Update


ultimate list of safety tips for real estate agents

The Little Rock real estate community was rocked this week by the sudden disappearance of Beverly Carter, a Crye-Leike real estate agent who vanished immediately after showing a country home in nearby Scott, Ark. Police arrested a suspect (who had an extensive criminal record) and charged him with murder after Carter’s body was found. After . . .

Real Estate Safety Tips


productivity principles for real estate agents

There are three ingredients to productivity: Luck, which you can’t control, and activity and efficiency, which you can. So the first key to improving your income and success as a real estate agent is to focus on the latter two elements. After all, if you work very hard, and if you are very efficient, you . . .

Productivity Tips for Real Estate Agents