Facebook Tightens Rules on Promotional Posts

Like many small businesses, real estate agents have been enjoying a pretty sweet deal on Facebook for a while now. We all know how vital word-of-mouth is to real estate agents – especially to newer agents who don’t have a ton of cash flow for traditional forms of advertising. In recent years, many agents have . . .

New Facebook Promotional Post Rules


3 Ways to Help Buyers Set Realistic Expectations

Have you ever watched the real estate TV show about first-time homebuyers? At the beginning of each show, an agent takes the buyers to a chosen neighborhood, and as they walk the streets, asks them to guess the price of each home for sale. Yup, you guessed it: Most of the time, the buyers undervalue . . .

Setting Realistic Buyer Expectations


real estate blogging tips for beginners

While some want you to believe that blogging is an art, it really isn’t. Anyone with thoughts in their head and a keyboard can construct a blog post. Being a successful real estate blogger, however, requires being mindful of the topics you choose and the construction of your blog posts. Blogging is time intensive. But . . .

Real Estate Blogging Tips


Year-End Tax Tips for Real Estate Agents

Starting about February, the financial media will be going gangbusters publishing ideas for tax deductions. That’s too late, though, for a lot of things. To take full advantage of tax planning opportunities, you need to take some steps now – prior to December 31st – to claim a deduction on your tax return when filing . . .

Real Estate Tax Tips


Example of a cheesy agent photo.

Real estate agents can display some lemming-esque qualities at times. I know because I used to be one. As soon as one agent does something that proves to be even quasi-successful, it’s rapidly copied until nearly everyone is doing it, and no one can quite remember why. Take selfie video blogs from the car for . . .

Real Estate Tropes


How you know you

I can’t quite place my finger on it, but I’m having suspicions that my husband is secretly pursuing a real estate career. Am I being crazy? – Befuddled in Boise We get this question – and others along the same lines – all the time. It’s time we address the issue of real estate agents . . .

Signs You’re Married to a Real Estate Agent


what real estate agents should and should not do for their listing presentations

I don’t know about you, but listing presentations make me nervous. My palms sweat, my heart races, and if I were a nail-biter, I probably wouldn’t have any left. You’d think that after a few successes agents would lose the listing presentation jitters, but for some of us, they never abate. Some older coaches will . . .

Listing Presentation Tips


tell buyer prospects that buying is still less expensive than renting

Markets go up; markets go down. But when all is said and done, when the fat lady has sung, and it’s all over save for probate lawyers picking over the remains, it is better to be an owner than a renter. While this isn’t exactly counterintuitive, the numbers show that the long-term benefits of owning . . .

Why Buying Is Less Expensive than Renting


home buyers care about backyards yet agents frequently don't address them in listing descriptions

Let’s face it: Many real estate agents aren’t exactly marketing whizzes. From fuzzy photos to typos and grammatical errors in their property descriptions to these listing description deal-killers, agents can do their businesses a disservice by trying to wear too many hats. These problems are understandable – after all, there are no writing, photography or . . .

Spaces Agents Don’t Talk About


Real estate agent and his buyer clients using a tablet

As a real estate agent, you should be spending time calling prospects, meeting with clients, and showing properties. You shouldn’t be spending a ton of time scouring the internet for cool tools, apps and gadgets to help you be more productive. That’s my job! Every so often, we’ll be checking back in with the latest . . .

Tech Tools for Real Estate Agents

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