You may have heard about the destructive security bug, “Heartbleed,” that attacks a vulnerable flaw in major online security systems enabling it to access encrypted data. Warnings about Heartbleed are loud and alarming for good reason. Please be assured, however: None of Market Leader’s systems have been affected by this security flaw. And none of . . .

Heartbleed: Your Market Leader Data Is Safe


MarketMix 2014 Marketing Conference

Last week the marketing managers from Market Leader went to a local conference called MarketMix 2014. This daylong event was put on by the local chapter of the American Ma rketing Association. The event had a lot of great speakers and insights, and while the tips offered were not necessarily from the real estate industry, . . .

Marketing Insights for Your Real Estate Business


On March 13, 2014, over 200 real estate professionals met in Tukwila, Wash., for REBarCamp (aka REBC) to spend the day making new connections, networking, listening, and learning from each other on how to master and grow their real estate businesses. The format and rules for the event were simple: share your advice, lean in, . . .

Takeaways from Real Estate BarCamp


Nancy Braun is a real estate broker in Charlotte, North Carolina

Real estate agents typically don’t start their working lives in the industry, but rather hail from a broad array of businesses. For some, like Nancy Braun, Showcase Realty Charlotte’s broker/owner, real estate may be a third or even fourth career. Braun was born in New York and attended Cornell University, where she received a degree . . .

Nancy Braun


Essential social media strategies for real estate agents

If you are a real estate agent and are unfamiliar with or reluctant to use social media, forget about advanced social media strategies like crafting “rich pins” for Pinterest or creating listing videos for YouTube. This is a list of three critical social media strategies that you – and every other agent – should participate . . .

Social Media Essentials for Agents

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Email marketing software can help real estate agents grow their businesses and save time

Quick – what marketing technique do you use that gives you a return on your investment between 94 and 139 percent? If you didn’t think “email marketing,” you must not be doing it. “Most email marketers are at least doubling their money,” claims a study conducted by Marketing Sherpa. Email marketing software is the most . . .

Email Marketing Software


Rick Hogue is a real estate agent in Louisville, Kentucky

If it’s true that people with a lot of interests are interesting people, then you’ll be fascinated by Rick Hogue, an agent in Louisville, Ky. We certainly are, and we’d love to share what we’ve learned about him and his growing real estate practice with Keller Williams. Hogue is a native Kentuckian, and although he . . .

Rick Hogue


Email is a great marketing tool for real estate agents, but it

You probably already use email to communicate with your leads and clients. But do you know how your emails are performing? Are you sending the right message to your leads? Are they even reading your emails? As with any investment, you need to measure your ROI. In the case of email marketing, the main cost . . .

Evaluating Your Email Marketing



Do you have potential clients who are unsure if homeownership is right for them? Despite the many benefits of owning a home, there are still some people who, for financial or life stage reasons, should hold off on becoming homeowners! Share the below flowchart, “Am I Ready to Buy a House?” on your website or . . .

The “Am I Ready to Buy a House?” Flowchart


Cathy Daniel is a real estate agent in Brentwood, California

Cathy Daniel, an agent in Brentwood, Calif., had a childhood dream of becoming Party Barbie. With both parents in the real estate industry, however, her destiny ran more to Real Estate Barbie, or so said her first broker. “I studied for my license in 1979 and got my first license in 1980. At the time . . .

Cathy Daniel