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Business Planning Guides

2022 Business Plan

Easy-to-use worksheets and calculators that will help you work through your annual planning and hit your commission goal next year.

  • Transaction and lead goal worksheets
  • A marketing planning guide and samples
  • Tools to help track your progress
  • Tax deduction worksheets
  • And more!

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2022 Marketing Plan

Use this free real estate marketing plan to identify the marketing channels, tools, and strategies that will allow you to achieve your 2022 goals.

  • Complete Marketing Toolkit & Worksheets
  • 2022 Marketing Musts
  • How to Create a Unique Value Proposition
  • Strategies to Leverage Promotional Channels
  • And more!

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Scripts and Templates

40 Text Message Templates

While phone calls are typically preferable for communicating with prospects, there are situations where texting them is necessary. Use these 40 real estate text message templates to help you follow up with and convert more of your buyer and seller leads.

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30 Real Estate Email Scripts

Use these 30 customizable email scripts to engage with your buyer and seller leads. They were created by a team of professional real estate trainers and email marketing experts and are designer to help you get more clients.

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Real Estate Call Scripts

If find phone prospecting difficult, use our call scripts to help you land new clients in a variety of situations, from contacting new online leads without scaring them away to persuading FSBOs that it’s smarter to list with you.

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Paid Online Lead Follow-Up Scripts

Turn more paid online leads into clients with these 60 phone, email, and text message scripts. If you struggle to even make contact with paid online leads – like those from listing portals and social media ads – these free scripts will help you get responses from both buyer and seller leads and convert them into clients.

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Holiday Season Email Scripts

Get customized winter and holiday season-themed email scripts for converting your leads into new clients. They can be used in a wide range of situations, from contacting cold leads to making first contact with new leads.

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Lead Generation and Conversion Guides

Guide to Lead Generation

Learn how to get more leads, tap into lucrative new lead channels, and improve your lead conversion rate.

  • Proven ways to generate more referral leads
  • Search engine & social media lead generation
  • Lead nurturing techniques
  • Dangerous lead generation myths
  • And more!

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Guide to Lead Follow-Up

Generating new leads for your real estate business is only half the battle. It’s equally important to properly follow up with your leads and nurture them until they’re ready to become your clients.

Download this guide to get tips on how to follow up without scaring leads way, effectively nurture leads with email marketing, how to keep leads coming back to your website, and more!

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Guide to Home Sellers

Learn how to improve your ability to generate seller leads, turn them into clients, and quickly sell their homes. This 28-page guide will teach you how to…

  • Generate more seller leads
  • Turn listings into sold homes
  • Impress during listing presentations
  • Make your seller clients happy
  • And more!

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Guide to Social Media

Social media is an integral part of everyday life for many people, so it can be an especially valuable method for lead generation and client engagement. But without a plan, it’s easy to fall into inefficient or even business-killing social media practices without even realizing it.

Whether you’re just getting started with social media, or use it on a regular basis, download this guide to learn success strategies that will help you grow your business.

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Oldies but Goodies: Dated But Effective Lead Gen Techniques

In real estate, “old” never means “bad.” As many highly-experienced and successful agents will tell you, old-school lead generation techniques can offer agents inexpensive and lucrative ways to get new clients. Download this guide to learn tried-and-true methods for getting more buyer and seller leads.

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Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing and automation tools save time and bring in more new and repeat clients. Across the country, they help the most successful agents in the business dominate their local markets – and they can help you, too.

Get this free guide to learn about email marketing and automation best practices and tools, from lead segmentation to drip campaigns to crafting compelling calls to action. It will help you greatly improve your lead nurturing and get more new and repeat clients.

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Commission Cloning Handbook

From prompting current clients to provide quality referrals to engaging with past clients until they’re ready to transact again, yesterday’s buyers and sellers can be turned into big commission checks tomorrow.

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Fall Lead Generation Guide

From season-specific referral lead sources to novel networking event ideas, this guide will teach you 13 lead generation strategies that top-performing agents use to stay on track to hit their annual commission income goals during fall.

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Winter Warm Up Guide

It can be tough for agents to keep their businesses hot during the winter. Download this guide to learn proven methods for finding new buyer and seller clients during the off-season, plus tips on how to get them transaction-ready.

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Ultimate Guide to Lead Generation & Conversion

With this free guide, you’ll learn how to generate additional leads throughout the rest of the year—and convert more leads into clients. It contains all this and more:

  • Email and Facebook message templates for lead follow-up
  • The year’s best sources of real estate leads
  • 10-day action plan for converting new leads into clients
  • Lead follow-up best practices

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Guide to Maximizing Your ROI on Old Leads

This free guide will teach you how to do what most agents struggle with: maximize the amount of clients you get from the leads you pay for and work so hard to generate. It contains all this and more:

  • The nine-word email that compels responses from stale leads
  • Using buyer clients to re-engage seller leads
  • Strategically starting to close the door on old leads in order to create new opportunities
  • The CRM features you need to maximize ROI on old leads

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Email Marketing Guide

Email is perhaps the best tool in every agent’s digital marketing toolbox. It’s effective, it’s universal, and it’s a direct line of communication with your leads, regardless of where they are in the home buying process. Download this free guide today to learn about all this and more:

  • 3-point email follow-up strategy for converting more leads
  • Email messaging for every stage of the buying journey
  • 18 effective calls to action to use today
  • How to “segment” leads to increase conversion rates

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How-To Guides

Guide to Facebook Ads

This guide was created by marketing experts to help any agent – even newcomers to social media advertising – use Facebook ads to get more clients. It contains everything you need to make Facebook ads, including:

  • 10 Facebook ad templates
  • 24 professionally-designed images
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Tips for crafting effective target audiences

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SEO Ranking Factors: How to Rank Higher in Google

Download this guide to learn how to move your website to the top of Google search results and drive more visitors to your business for free. This is important because the more traffic your website receives, the more leads it generates for you!

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Summer Leads: Turn Open Houses Into Lead-Generating Machines

Get the most out of the home buying and selling season. This guide will help you drum up more business from summer open houses with:

  • Scripts for open house invitations and follow-ups that drum up traffic – and new business
  • Strategies for increasing sign-ins and turning every open house visitor into an opportunity
  • Facebook advertising tips for marketing open houses that attract buyers and new clients
  • And more!

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Facebook Lead Ads Guide

Facebook Lead Ads consistently help agents quickly generate new leads at a low cost per lead. This guide contains detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to create, track, and optimize successful Facebook Lead Ad campaigns.

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Guide to Winning More Listings

Agents with many seller clients stay in the industry the longest. This guide contains scripts for engaging sellers (from FSBOs to expired listings to sellers in hot markets), sources of new seller leads you can tap into today, and more.

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Guide to Asking for (and Getting) More Referrals

Learn how to generate more referral leads from your network using the strategies of top agents and sales coaches, from a 4-step strategy for finding quality referrals (with scripts!) to building client and affiliate referral programs that deliver.

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Lights, Camera, Action: Guide to Making Your Own Videos

Online video gives agents excellent opportunities to create new leads and re-engage past clients. It lets you easily showcase your skills and experience, broadcast listing walkthroughs, and share housing market updates.

But you don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to create high-quality videos. With this guide, you’ll learn how to generate more business by making your own.

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Guide to the Facebook News Feed Changes

Significant changes to Facebook’s news feed means it will now give much greater priority to posts from users’ friends and family over posts from business pages. It will be substantially more difficult for agents to find new clients using Facebook going forward.

In addition to describing the news feed changes and how they will affect your business, this guide shares practical strategies for keeping Facebook as a lucrative source of new clients.

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Social Media Advertising Guide

Download this free how-to guide to get practical insights into advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Nextdoor, and other major social networks. It includes:

  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating successful social media ads
  • Advantages and limitations of advertising on every major social network – where should your budget be spent?
  • Tips for measuring and maximizing social media ad ROI
  • Digital advertising best practices from marketing experts

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Content Marketing Helpers

How to Sell Your Home: A Simple Guide to the Complex Selling Process

Share this guide with your seller leads and win more listings. It contains practical tips and insights for sellers and emphasizes the importance of working with a real estate agent.

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Road to Homeownership:
Guide for Buyers

Share this guide and accompanying infographic with your buyer leads today to help you convert them into clients tomorrow. These free resources provide valuable tips and insight for buyers, while emphasizing the importance of working with a real estate agent.

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Content Marketing Handbook

Learn how you can convert more of your leads into clients and transactions with the Content Marketing Handbook. You’ll discover:

  • How content can help you attract leads and turn them into clients
  • Your 3-step content marketing plan that supports your business and goals
  • A distribution channel cheat sheet so you know what to share and where

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