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Even though it might seem impossible at times, you can indeed fill your pipeline with buyer and seller leads without overthinking it. And with this list of the simplest real estate lead generation ideas, you can even get started today.

What We Mean By “Simple” Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas

Don’t worry – This isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. To be abundantly clear, here’s what we don’t mean by “simple:”

  • We don’t mean “easy.” There’s nothing easy about generating real estate leads. It will always require a chunk of time and some degree of effort.
  • We don’t mean “basic” either. There are many lead generation strategies that are both foundational to your success and far from simple. For example, developing a comprehensive real estate business plan is critical to securing future growth, but it’s by no means a straightforward task.

By calling these real estate lead generation ideas simple, we mean they’re uncomplicated-yet-effective tactics which you can implement relatively quickly and easily.

In other words, they provide a strong return on investment, because you can get solid results (that is, more leads in your contact database!) without having to come up with elaborate plans or implement a complex series of long-term strategies.

Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let’s get started!

1. Let Digital Advertising Experts Generate Leads for You

Buying real estate leads is common practice among agents of all experience levels because it’s consistent, you reap the rewards without having to do any of the work, and it has the potential for a very strong ROI.

For example, Market Leader offers two highly effective real estate leads products that can supplement the other strategies you implement throughout the year so you don’t fall prey to the dreaded boom-and-bust cycle.

With a flat monthly rate, you’ll get a predictable number of exclusive buyer and seller leads in your desired areas every month. Generating real estate leads doesn’t get much simpler than that.

2. Set Up a Google Business Account

When prospects from your farm area search online for an agent to work with, they often include the name of your city and/or the particular neighborhood they’re interested in (e.g., “real estate agents in Nashville”).

When they type their location-specific search term into Google, a map appears, pinpointing and showcasing several nearby agents and brokerages. Setting up your business with Google ensures you’ll be added to that map. That means your business will also get a “Knowledge Panel” that can include pictures, contact information, details, reviews, and a call-to-action button that links them to your site.

It’s one of the best real estate lead generation ideas because it’s simple to do, it makes your business more visible online, and you can start right now. Learn how to sign up for Business Profile on Google.

For example, here’s what comes up when someone Google searches Elizabeth Avery (REALTOR®, Kirkland, WA):

In this example, we see why creating a Google Business account can be one of the simplest real estate lead generation ideas to do.

3. Acquire “Social Proof”

Consumers across all industries often want authentic proof before they commit to a brand. But they don’t want the proof to come only from the brand itself.

They want to hear from users, clients, and anyone else who has experienced the product, good, or service. In other words, they want what’s referred to as “social proof” (testimonials, reviews, and influencers’ perspectives).

Again, let’s look at the examples that appear on Elizabeth Avery’s Google Business page. If you were a buyer or seller, would you find these reviews to be compelling?!

Leveraging social proof is a highly effective lead generation idea.

Showcasing reviews and real estate testimonials is a great way to build trust, and when potential buyers and sellers in your area trust you, they’ll be more likely to become a lead. A good (and uncomplicated!) first step is to begin compiling as much social proof as you can.

There are many ways to go about this. For example:

Hi [client’s name],

Thanks for choosing me as your real estate agent! It was an absolute pleasure working with you throughout the entire process of [buying or selling].

Your feedback is incredibly valuable to me, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to provide a review.

One of my main goals is to ensure that my clients are satisfied with my services. Your review can help me know what’s working well and how I can improve. What you share can also help future clients get a better understanding of the level of service that I provide.

If you could respond to this email with a brief paragraph or two about your experience working with me, that would be fantastic! Or if you’d prefer, I can also send you a link to the reviews page on my website where you can enter your comments.

Thank you again for choosing me as your real estate agent. It was truly a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to working together again in the future.

[your name and contact information]

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4. Start Cold Calling

Like it or not, cold calling is still effective. And the reason it’s on this list is because it belongs among the simplest of real estate lead generation ideas.

Yes, it’s time consuming. And yes, it can be painful to be ignored or hear a bunch of noes. But it’s very easy to do, and it’s a proven strategy for generating real estate leads.

The key is to understand who to target and what to say.

Who To Target:

  • FSBOs
  • FRBOs
  • Expired listings
  • Probate listings

What To Say:

Don’t wing it. Use scripts.

For example, check out the following free real estate scripts and templates:

(Pro Tip: Before you get started, brush up on the real estate cold calling best practices.)

5. Ask for Referrals

Real estate marketing is extremely important, and your business likely won’t survive without it. But as you know, your business can also grow as a result of word-of-mouth recommendations.

It can take time to build a referral-based business, but the simple step you can implement today is to begin asking around. Here’s a short template you can use when reaching out to past clients via text or email:

Hi [client’s name],

I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to work together when you [bought or sold] the house on [street name]. I hope things are well!

If you have any friends, family members, or colleagues who are considering a move, I’d be happy to help. Please feel free to pass along my contact information. Or let me know if anyone comes to mind, and I’d be happy to reach out to them directly. Thank you!

[your name and contact information]

6. Be Friendly & Personable

Generating real estate leads doesn’t always have to be a task that you do intentionally. It can also be something that simply happens when you least expect it.

You’d be surprised at how many leads you can generate simply by being who you are and sprinkling subtle self-promotion into ordinary day-to-day interactions. Let everyone you come in contact with know you’re in real estate.

Of course, you don’t have to be obnoxious about it. Instead, think small and simple. Wear a hat with your letterhead on it as you shop for groceries.

Be personable, always introduce yourself whenever you’re out and about, and be willing to strike up conversations. It can even be as simple as not saying anything at all and wearing a shirt, like top-performing REALTOR® Robin Serna does, that says, “Real Estate Is My Hustle.”

7. Post on Social Media

Your social media platform of choice is a goldmine for networking and lead generation opportunities. Don’t be among the one third of agents who fail to use social media for marketing purposes!

Not only can your posts generate new leads, but they can also keep your existing contacts engaged. And the best part is, it’s easy to do.

To ensure your content has a good balance, adhere to the “80/20 rule” – 80 percent of your content and posts should offer your audience value, insights, or entertainment. And the remaining 20 percent should promote your business.

Like everything else on this list, using social media to grow your business isn’t complicated. Especially if you have 37 ready-to-go real estate social media post ideas to choose from.

8. Join Facebook Groups

Find out if there are real estate networking groups on Facebook for your local area. (If not, maybe now’s a good time to start one.)

The groups you join can certainly be related to real estate, of course, but don’t underestimate the value of being an active member of groups that have nothing to do with real estate – groups for owners of a certain kind of pet, gardening groups, sports groups, church groups, political groups, and so on.

Start conversations, post questions, and share your stories. And when it’s appropriate to do so (without being too salesy), offer advice and be service-oriented. Meanwhile, without realizing it at first, you may be generating real estate leads.

On a platform like Facebook, the lead-generating power is virtually limitless.

9. Write Prospecting Letters By Hand

All you need for this final real estate lead generation idea is a pen and some paper. Writing a letter to your prospects is a great way to catch their attention for two reasons.

First, because direct mail often has less to compete with than other mediums, such as email. And second, because it’s unique and personal. Flyers and brochures, for example, can seem more sales-oriented and less relational than a handwritten letter.

But keep in mind, your letters will only generate leads if you demonstrate genuine care, offer proof of credibility, and highlight a list of the benefits that come along with your services.

Who To Target:

  • FSBOs
  • FRBOs
  • Owners of expired listings
  • Open house attendees
  • Referral leads
  • Potential business partners

What To Say:

You don’t have to worry about what to say because we’ve already written several effective templates for you. Get a checklist for what to include in your messages, plus seven real estate prospecting letters you can use as inspiration.

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