Perhaps the best thing about using social media as a real estate professional is that it helps you do multiple things at once. It allows you to…

  • engage with your audience
  • build your network
  • drive traffic to your site
  • generate buyer and seller leads
  • learn from experts
  • and simply enjoy some entertainment along the way

To help you find all of that, we’ve rounded up the best real estate social media accounts to follow. All of the accounts we’ll share do a great job offering valuable content, captivating images, building their brand, or all of the above.

Best Accounts on Instagram
Best X (“Twitter”) Accounts for Agents
Best Real Estate Agent Facebook Pages

The Best Real Estate Social Media Accounts on Instagram

Since Instagram is nearly 100% visual, it’s one of the trickiest social channels for real estate agents to use. Whether you’re posting images, videos, or Stories, your feed is held to different standards than most other channels. Visuals on Instagram must always be clean, authentic and be able to communicate your brand story. It’s worth the effort you put into it though, because using Instagram to build your network and generate leads is among the best real estate social media marketing strategies.

Here are the best real estate accounts on Instagram:

1. National Association of REALTORS® | @narresearch

“The statistical analysis and data branch of NAR reporting REALTOR news and industry trends for our members, media, and academia.” NAR Research conducts market research and offers reports, key insights, tips and data to the entire real estate industry. For fresh, relevant consumer data and insights, NAR Research is worth a serious follow.

2. The Broke Agent | @thebrokeagent

“The key to surviving real estate.” The Broke Agent might be the best real estate profile out there if you like to laugh and need some industry-specific memes to get you through the day.

3. Realty One Group | @realtyonegroup

“A dynamic lifestyle real estate brand opening doors and changing lives.” Realty One Group does a great job curating engaging messages. Whether they’re posting consumer data, listings, or an animated gif, their posts are authentic and motivational.

Go after it! #MotivationalMondays #MondayswithRealtyONEGroup #MondayMotivation

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4. Chad Carroll | @chadcarroll

Chads entire profile is full of high quality video and images, punctuated by some “take me there” lifestyle imagery that invites you to imagine yourself on a beach on the Gulf, or overlooking downtown Miami.

The Best Real Estate Agent X (“Twitter”) Accounts

X (formerly known as Twitter) might not be the best channel for networking but it’s great for industry news, tips, and inspiration for creating your own real estate social media posts. We’ve combed through countless real estate agents’ X accounts to bring you a few must-follow profiles which offer those benefits in spades.

1. Giveback Homes @givebackhomes

“A community of Realtors & Brokerages dedicated to building homes for families in need. Creating social change with every home they buy and sell.” Not only is Giveback Homes dedicated to creating change #forsocialgood, they share helpful tips, insights and motivational content.

2. Travis Roberston | @travisro

If you’re looking for daily inspiration and motivation, Travis Robertson is your guy. He specializes in exclusive broker training and coaching programs, but tweets snippets of his mantras that are free for the masses and make him worth the follow.

3. Ryan Serhant @RyanSerhant

Ryan Serhant is a prominent real estate broker, author, and television personality. He gained widespread recognition through his role on the reality TV series “Million Dollar Listing New York,” where he showcased his skills and charisma as a real estate agent in the competitive New York City market. The content he shares on X is highly engaging and motivational, which can serve as inspiration for staying focused on your goals and dreaming big.

4. Audie Chamberlain @audiechambrln

Audie offers a mix of shared insights, fun glimpses into his personal life and the world of real estate PR (he’s the founder of Lion & Orb public relations company based out of LA).

5. Greg Cooper | @GregCooper

Greg Cooper’s X account might offer the most accurate representation of working in the real estate industry. Using a clever mix of dry humor, industry tips, and a bit of humble self-promotion, Greg Cooper has optimized the engagement ratio by offering value in the form of unique insights and comedic relief.

The Best Real Estate Agent Facebook Accounts

In the realm of social media, Facebook is king. It has more more active users and communities than any other social platform and allows for the most diverse mix of posts: imagery, video, text without character limits, real estate hashtags, and multi-way interaction—not to mention the ability to comment on and reply to posts with images and video.

These real estate-specific Facebook pages do a superb job leveraging this powerful channel to disseminate helpful information to agents.

1. Inman News

Inman News offers daily real estate-specific news, insights and tips that are both relevant and helpful to anyone in the industry. They also have an incredibly engaging online presence

2. REAL Trends

For over 20 years, REAL Trends has answered tough real estate questions in the form of newsletters, quality blog posts, research reports and conferences. They know their stuff and are happy to share it.

3. Better Homes & Gardens® Real Estate

“Better Homes and Gardens® has inspired generations of people to find their best lives. Now, Better Homes & Gardens® Real Estate helps them to find the home that they’ll live it in.” BHG offers a multitude of tips, DIY tutorials, and lifestyle ideas that make them a great resource for agents looking to spruce up their own home or help their clients. It’s like having a digital mentor that keeps you updated on the latest in real estate while offering strategies to enhance your own business.

4. Pro

“Resources for Real Estate Pros: Industry insights, strategies, & marketing tips to grow your business.” You’ll get valuable information that can help you adapt your strategies based on current market conditions and stay steps ahead of your competition.

5. Tom Ferry

Of course Tom Ferry (legendary son of the legendary Mike Ferry) makes the list. According to his Facebook bio, he’s described as the “#1 Real Estate Coach, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker & Investor.” That pretty much sums it up.

What Social Media Do REALTORS® Use Most?

Facebook and Instagram (both owned by Meta) definitely belong at the top due to their popularity and built-in lead-capturing functionality (called the Lead Ads Manager).

But it’s important to note that, while Facebook and Instagram are most likely to produce the best results in terms of lead generation, the list above isn’t necessarily a ranking. Because identifying “the best” social media platform is ultimately going to depend on which one helps you achieve your unique business goals.

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