Everyone knows how important it is to incorporate social media into your business and marketing strategies, but coming up with original posts day in and day out can be a bit taxing. Here are 35+ evergreen ideas that you can use, modify, and recycle to keep your connections engaged and your social presence up to par.

35+ Ideas for Social Media Posts

  1. Share a tip or trick
  2. Share a fun real estate infographic
  3. Testimonial/quote from a past client
  4. Highlight a news article you think will be valuable
  5. Share one of your most popular blog posts
  6. Recommend a helpful tool or service
  7. Share a real estate #FunFact
  8. Share a motivational quote
  9. Share what you are reading and ask for suggestions on what you should read next
  10. Share a free resource, such as a guide to the home selling process.
  11. Post a #BTS behind the scenes photo
    Posts, such as photos that humanize you promote stronger connections online
  12. Share a listing (remember, these posts shouldn’t dominate your follower’s feed)
  13. Invite a colleague, past client, or even family member to guest post from your page.
    • Invite your children or a family member to guest post to keep it warm and lighthearted.
  14. Share a meme
    Be mindful of context and be careful not to offend anyone.
    Kevin Hart Zillow Zestimate meme
    The meme above could act as a great segue into a discussion about how home valuations work and that they are a service you offer! You’re welcome. 🙂
  15. Have your connections vote on their favorite neighborhood or restaurant in your region
  16. Share local market updates
  17. Answer a common buyer question
  18. Answer a common seller question
  19. Share a gift guide for him
  20. Share a gift guide for her
  21. Invite your followers to an open house
  22. Ask your connections for feedback on staging one of your listings
  23. Share interior decorating ideas
  24. Post how-to’s and DIY decor tips
  25. Share tips on keeping energy bills down
  26. Post a “Home of the Week”
  27. Post advice on what NOT to buy (what to look out for)
  28. Congratulate a client on a recent sale or purchase
  29. Share ideas for staging a home (inside and out)
  30. Post about positive community outreach you’re involved in
  31. Share local events for the family (farmers market, plays, concerts, seasonal events, etc)
  32. Share seasonal posts – Check out this “National Day” calendar for quirky national holidays to share.
  33. Ask questions to get your connections engaged in conversation
    • What are your favorite dog-friendly parks/places?
    • What are your favorite restaurants in town?
    • If you could do anything to your home, what would you do?
    • Ask a question and invite connections to answer in Gif
  34. Share dream houses and ask what theirs are
  35. Share latest in home technology

Do you have any ideas or favorite post types that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!


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