One of the best things about social media is finding a platform that works for you and allows you to engage with your audience in your own way. Find the channel that’s best for you and the messages you want to share with your clients and master it. 

We’ve rounded up a handful of real estate-specific profiles worth a follow that do a great job offering valuable content, captivating images, convey a great brand story, or all of the above. Each social media channel offers something different, as do the profiles we’re highlighting.


One of the trickiest social channels for real estate, Instagram is nearly 100% visual. Whether you’re posting images, videos or – if you’re an IG pro – live stories, your feed is held to different standards than most other channels. Visuals on Instagram must always be clean, authentic and be able to communicate your brand story.

1. National Association of REALTORS® @narresearch
“The statistical analysis and data branch of NAR reporting REALTOR news and industry trends for our members, media, and academia.” NAR Research conducts market research and offers reports, key insights, tips and data to the entire real estate industry. For fresh, relevant consumer data and insights, NAR Research is worth a serious follow.


Check out the newly released 2017 Profile of Home Staging report on our website. #InTheKnow Highlights: – Seventy-seven percent of buyers’ agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home. – Staging the living room for buyers was found to be most important (55 percent), followed by staging the master bedroom (51 percent), and staging the kitchen (41 percent). – Thirty-eight percent of sellers’ agents said they stage all sellers’ homes prior to listing them for sale. – The most common rooms that are staged include the living room (83 percent), kitchen (76 percent), master bedroom (69 percent), and the dining room (66 percent). #realtor #realtorproblems #sold #realestate #hgtv #openhouse #closing #home #realty #hardwork #inspiration #business #homes #realestateagent #homeowner #buyers #homebuyer #homesearch #buy #real #selling #dream #renters #rent #buyer

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2. The Broke Agent @thebrokeagent
“The key to surviving real estate.” The broke agent might be the best real estate profile out there, if you like to laugh. Industry-specific memes to get you through the day.

Tag an agent you actually like working with. Pic via @attorneyproblems

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3. Realty One Group @realtyonegroup
 dynamic lifestyle real estate brand opening doors and changing lives.” Realty One Group does a great job curating engaging messages. Whether they’re posting consumer data, listings, or an animated gif, their posts are authentic and motivational.


Go after it! #MotivationalMondays #MondayswithRealtyONEGroup #MondayMotivation

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4. Chad Carroll @chadcarroll
“Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Miami: South Florida’s Top Real Estate Broker: Florida/NY/LA/Aspen.” Chads entire profile is full of high quality video and images, punctuated by some “take me there” lifestyle imagery that invites you to imagine yourself on a beach on the Gulf, or overlooking downtown Miami.


Twitter might not be the best channel for networking but it is great for industry news, tips and inspiration. We’ve combed through countless Twitter accounts to bring you a few great profiles to follow that offer great tips, inspiration and a healthy mix of industry-specific news.

1. Giveback Homes @givebackhomes
“A community of Realtors & Brokerages dedicated to building homes for families in need. Creating social change with every home they buy and sell.” Not only is Giveback Homes dedicated to creating change #forsocialgood, they share helpful tips, insights and motivational content.



2. Travis Roberston @travisro
If you’re looking for daily inspiration and motivation, Travis Robertson is your guy. He specializes in exlusive broker training and coaching programs, but tweets snippets of his mantras that are free for the masses and worth the follow.


3. Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate @BHGRealEstate
BHG offers a multitude of tips, DIY tutorials and lifestyle ideas that make them a great resource for agents looking to spruce up their own home,  or extend their new-found wealth of DIY knowledge to their clients.


4. Audie Chamberlain @audiechambrln 
Audie offers a mix of shared insights, fun glimpses into his personal life and real estate PR (he’s the founder of Lion & Orb real estate PR company based out of LA). 


5. Greg Cooper @GregCooper
Greg Cooper might be the most accurate representation of the real estate world personified. A clever mix of dry humor, industry tips, and a bit of humble self-promotion- Greg Cooper has optimized the engagement ratio by offering value in the form of unique insights and comedic relief. 




The reality of the social media world is that Facebook is king. It’s got more more active users and communities than any other social platform and allows for the most diverse mix of posts: imagery, video, text without character limits, hashtags, and multi-way interaction – not to mention the ability to comment on and reply to posts with images and video.

1. Inman News
Inman News offers daily real estate-specific news, insights and tips that are both relevant and helpful to anyone in the industry. They also have an incredibly engaging online presence 


2. REAL Trends 
For over 20 years, REAL Trends has answered tough real estate questions in the form of newsletters, quality blog posts, research reports and conferences. They know their stuff and are happy to share it. 

Have a favorite real estate profile worth following? Share in the comments below!

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