It might seem like success as a real estate agent is only about hitting numbers and climbing ladders. But while that’s true at least to some extent, it’s also about influencing people and building relationships. That’s why the most effective agents are connected to a wide network and they know how to use it to generate leads.

But it takes time to find real estate leads for new agents. And whether you’re starting out or starting over, that can be frustrating.

Just because you’re a new real estate agent doesn’t mean you have to blaze your own trail. There’s a well-worn path to follow. Let’s take a look at some tried-and-true lead generation tips that will set you on the trajectory toward career-long success.

How To Generate Leads Through Direct Outreach

The simplest and most obvious place for new agents to get real estate leads is within their own current sphere of influence. Even though you won’t be able to rely solely on your inner circle of connections to generate leads for your entire career, it can provide the open doors you need to get started. There are many ways to market yourself without feeling “salesy”—here are just a few:

Let friends and family know you can help.

For every new agent, the odds are high that someone who is part of your family or friend group is currently thinking about selling or buying. If not, they probably know someone who is.

Make sure it’s your name that’s fresh on their mind. Due to the nature of these kinds of relationships, there’s less of a need to pitch. Usually, simply mentioning that you’re in real estate will be enough to open the kind of conversation that results in getting more referral leads.

Turn to your wider social circles.

Think about all of the clubs, organizations, teams, and religious communities that are part of your life. They all fit within your network, and they all present opportunities for you to spread the word about your new profession.

It’s safe to assume that someone who is connected to you through a shared interest would feel more comfortable working with you than a stranger.

How To Generate Leads Through Digital Outreach

Be your own content creator.

People are hungry for accurate, thoughtful real estate advice that’s specific to their city or zip code. Of course they see the headlines about nationwide housing market trends. But what they need is a source of reliable information that pertains to their specific area.

This is where you come in.

As a new agent, you have something very valuable that the veteran agents don’t have: time. And you can leverage that asset by becoming the one who provides insight, advice, and information about local market trends for your prospects.

Maybe for you that looks like writing compelling blog content or creating captivating infographics. Maybe you also focus on alerting leads about the prices of just-sold listings or every highly-desirable home that comes on the market. However it works out for you, amassing a body of high quality, useful information that speaks directly to your audience is one of the best ways for new real estate agents to get leads. (Don’t forget to use city-specific hashtags on your social media channels!)

Consider partnering with a local influencer on a home sale.

You’ll eventually have your own following. But in the meantime, consider connecting with local influencers who already have a large network—for example, radio personalities, social media influencers, or prominent business owners. Ask them if they’re thinking of purchasing. Offer a deal where, for example, you reduce your commission fees in exchange for marketing plugs.

According to one study, 63% of consumers between 18 and 34 trust what influencers say about brands more than they trust what a brand says about itself. (With Millennials making up the largest share of home buyers according to NAR, that’s huge.) And brands that leverage micro-influencers can see a sales increase of up to 18%.

How To Get Leads Through Business Partnerships

Develop a friendship with local businesses.

Small businesses love referrals. And so do you! It’s a win-win.

How do new real estate agents partner with local businesses to generate leads? It’s actually simple.

Make a list of businesses you want to work with. There’s no wrong answer here. It could include a veterinarian office, health-food store, coffee shop, pet groomer, laundromat… you get the idea.

Then go through your list and ask the owner if they’d be willing to allow you to display some marketing materials and business cards at their spot. Tell them that, in return, you’ll refer your clients to their business, feature them on your website, or that you’ll include them in your client “welcome packet” full of your best recommendations and local favorites.

Form partnerships in related fields.

While you’re thinking of local businesses, be sure to pay close attention to those that are related in some way to real estate. For example: moving companies, brokers, insurance agents, lawyers, and interior designers.

For more ideas, think of your prospects’ buying and selling journey and all of the various types of professionals they’ll interact with along the way. You’ll help them. They’ll help you.

Word-of-mouth marketing continues to be one of the most influential marketing tools across all industries. And that’s especially true for new real estate agents.

Get Leads by Targeting Rentals

Targeting for-rent-by-owner (FRBO) properties can be a way to generate leads for new agents too. It’s not the same as getting a lead to sell a home. But finding renters can be great practice for a budding real estate agent. And once you do, you’ll likely come across landlords who are beyond interested to hear what you can offer!

Plus, as a side benefit, you’ll begin to form relationships with the landlords. And because you’re top-of-mind, chances are high that you’ll be the agent they work with if they decide to sell or if the tenant decides to buy.

This can be an advantage for new agents because seasoned agents tend to ignore renters. Consider making this your niche. Use a robust real estate marketing automation tool to create a newsletter just for renters that provides updates on local housing trends. Include things like snapshots of recent sales, listing updates, reasons why now is a great time to buy, and information on new developments in the area.

Host the Best Open House Ever

Most open houses feature a cheese plate, a few nosy neighbors, and a bored agent. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Once you land a listing, make a splash: Host an amazing open house. First, create impressive invitations and send them to the whole neighborhood. Next, make sure the food and ambiance are on point. In addition to potentially attracting a buyer on the spot, a big benefit here is that everyone in the neighborhood is going to remember you – “that amazing agent” – when it’s time to sell.

Get Leads by Following up on Major Life Events

This one takes some detective work, and it may not work for every community. But the idea is to see if your local newspaper has an announcement column and to use that as a way to forecast potential leads.

Reach out to the couples who were recently married or became engaged and see if they’re interested in purchasing a home. Marriages often lead to children, which may require upsizing.

And you could do the same for any retirement or high school graduation announcements you find, too. Because retirement can sometimes lead to a move, and you could be the agent who helps them find their paradise. When high school graduates leave the nest, downsizing often follows.

Pay for Leads

The best way for new real estate agents to get leads is to buy them. This isn’t a last-ditch effort for the desperate. It’s very common. Most agents use paid leads. And it can be extremely difficult for new agents to gain traction without doing so.

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