Want to close more deals this year? Improve your lead follow-up skills.

Learning how to write effective real estate email templates is the best place to start, since that tends to be the contact preference of many buyers and sellers nowadays.

So here are 14 lead follow-up examples that apply to a variety of common situations. Feel free to take these email templates as they are, adapt them to fit your brand voice, or simply use them as inspiration so you can create your own.

Table of Contents

5 Email Templates for Responding to Buyer Leads
4 Email Templates for Following Up With Seller Leads
3 Email Templates for Warming Up Cold Leads
2 Email Templates for Following Up With Referral Leads
Best Tips for Writing Effective Subject Lines

5 Real Estate Email Templates for Responding to Buyer Leads

1. Responding to Leads Requesting Listing Information Through Your Site

Hi [name],Thanks for contacting me about buying a home in [area]! I’d be happy to help you find the home of your dreams.

I have some follow up questions for you so I can get a better idea of what you’re looking for.

Is this the only area you’re interested in, or are there others? What kind of home layouts are most appealing to you? Are you looking for any special amenities or features?

Let me know if you’d like to view any listings. I can set up private showings so you can see them in person outside of their scheduled open house times.

My number is [number].

I look forward to hearing from you!

[salutation and name / email signature block]

2. Responding to a New Buyer Lead From a Listing Portal

Hello [name],I’m so glad you found me on [portal name]. Looks like you’re interested in buying a home in [area].

That’s good news because I’m very familiar with that area, and I have a lot of insider knowledge about the market here that I’d be happy to send your way if you’re interested.

I’d love to get to know you and what you’re looking for in a new home. If that sounds good to you, let’s schedule a quick introduction meeting so I can get started helping you find your dream home.

Feel free to respond to this email, or you can call me at [number].

Thank you!

[salutation and name / email signature block]

3. Setting Up an “Interview” With a Buyer Lead

Hello [name],If you’re looking to buy a new home in [area], please allow me to interview to become your real estate agent.

I have ample experience finding dream homes and negotiating the best terms for my clients. You don’t need just any agent. You need an agent who specializes in this area and keeps a close eye on market trends here.

Is there a time next week when you’d be available for us to meet so I can prove why I’m the agent who can help you find your dream home?

I’m looking forward to the opportunity of assisting you with your home search.

[salutation and name / email signature block]

4. Following Up With Paid Buyer Leads

Dear [name],Thank you for contacting me through [paid lead source] about the [beds and baths] homes that are currently on the market in [area].

If there are specific homes you’re interested in touring, or if you’d like my help finding homes in desirable neighborhoods, I would be delighted to assist you. Feel free to email me at any time or call me at [number].

You can visit my website to view all of the homes currently for sale and to learn about the state of the local housing market. This is a great time to buy!

[salutation and name / email signature block]

5. Directing a Buyer Lead to Your Website

Hi [name],If you’re considering moving to [area], you will find the home buyer resources on my website to be extremely helpful. You can view all the [beds and baths] homes that are currently for sale, learn about local housing market trends, and discover the dining, entertainment, and recreational options that the area has to offer.

Access the [area] home buyer resources: [your website’s URL]

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a showing or want recommendations for the best activities and places to visit around here.

[salutation and name / email signature block]

4 Email Templates for Following Up With Seller Leads

1. Following Up With Seller Leads From Your Website

Hi [name],Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me through [your website address] about selling your home!

I realize I’m not the only agent around, so I’m grateful for this opportunity to get to know you and your real estate needs.

First, a quick introduction. My name is [your name], and I have been selling homes in the [area] for [length of time]. I’m ready and excited to begin working for you immediately to get your home sold.

The current median selling price for homes in the [area] is [price]. To get the most accurate estimate of your home’s value, I’ll need to gather some more information from you.

When is a good time this week to have a quick 15-minute introductory call?

I look forward to connecting with you! My number is [number].

[salutation and name / email signature block]

2. Setting Up a Meeting With a Seller Lead

[name],Did you know that [beds and baths] homes are currently selling for [local area’s median listing price]?

If you’re available this week, I would love to give you a detailed comparative market analysis that will provide an accurate idea of what your home’s current market value is. What date and time would work best for you?

Regardless of when you choose to sell, it’s wise to avoid selling alone. Working with a real estate agent is a proven way to sell your home faster and for more money, so please don’t hesitate to call or email me. I can facilitate a quick and easy sale, as well as assist you with navigating the complicated home selling process.

[salutation and name / email signature block]

3. Directing a Seller Lead to Your Website

Hello [name],Are you curious about what other [beds and baths] homes are currently selling for? I think you’ll be surprised to learn how much you could get for your home if you put it on the market.

Learn what similar [area] homes are currently selling for here: [your website’s URL]

Whether you’re considering selling or you’re just interested to know your home’s current value, I’d love to prepare a detailed market analysis. It’ll give you an estimate based on comparable homes in the local area. Feel free to call or email me anytime with your questions and requests.

[salutation and name / email signature block]

4. Following Up With Paid Seller Leads

Hi [name],Thanks for contacting me about learning the value of your home. Based on recent sale prices of similar homes, I would estimate yours could sell for approximately [price / price range].

But I’m going to prepare a detailed market analysis that will show you what comparable [beds and baths] homes have recently sold for. That’ll give us a much better idea of what your home’s current market value actually is. I’ll send it over as soon as possible.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out with any questions. My number is [number].

Regardless of when you choose to sell, working with an agent is the best way to ensure you’re getting top dollar. In addition to marketing your home through a variety of channels, I can be your negotiator, arrange home staging, and guide you through the home-selling process.

[salutation and name / email signature block]

3 Email Templates for Warming Up With Cold Leads

1. Catching Up With a Cold Buyer Lead

Hey, [name]!I recently sold a [type of home] in [area], and it reminded me of when we were looking for homes in that area for you a while back. Are you still considering moving?

Just wanted to reconnect and check in to see if I can help you in any way at all. Hope you’re doing well. My number is [number].

[salutation and name / email signature block]

2. Catching Up With a Cold Seller Lead

Hi, [name]!I was looking over the recent home sale prices in your area recently, and you came to mind.

Are you still considering selling?

The latest local market report was just published on my website, and I thought maybe you’d like to know the updated value of your home. I think it’ll surprise you in a good way.

Either way, let’s reconnect! I’d love to catch up and see how things are going. My number is [number]. Looking forward to hearing from you!

[salutation and name / email signature block]

3. Responding to Leads Who Unsubscribe From Your Emails

Hi [name],You have been unsubscribed from my email list. I’m sorry to see you go!

I’m still here to help whenever you need it. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to assist you on your real estate journey.

In the meantime, feel free to check in on my website every now and then. It’s where you’ll find up-to-date listings and my analysis of local market trends.

Didn’t I mean to unsubscribe? No problem! Simply reply to this email, and I’ll get you back on the list so you don’t miss out.

Thank you!

[salutation and name / email signature block]

2 Real Estate Email Templates for Referral Leads

1. Following Up With a Referral Lead (Buyer)

Hey [name],I hope you’re doing well. I’m [your name] with [brokerage], and I got your name from [referrer’s name], who I know because we [share the connection].

[She/He] mentioned that you’re interested in purchasing a home. Is that right?

I’m curious to know what you’re looking for. I’ve been helping people buy and sell homes in the [area] for long enough now to have an in-depth knowledge of the local market. I know what it takes to find the dream home that also fits the budget.

And by the way, this is a great time to buy. I can share more about why that’s the case if we get the chance to connect.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Give me a call at [number] when you can. I’m excited about this!

[salutation and name / email signature block]

2. Following Up With a Referral Lead (Seller)

Hi [name],You were referred to me by [referrer’s name]. As they might have told you, I’m a local real estate agent, and I specialize in the [area].

Basically, that means I keep a close watch on what the market’s doing in some of the best areas in town, and have helped people sell in all of them, which gives my clients a significant advantage when it comes time to sell.

Just to give you a reference point, the current median listing price around here is [price]. We can get a much more specific figure for your home, of course. If you’re interested, send me some details about your home and the rough timeline you’re hoping to stick to, and we can go from there.

My number is [number]. Looking forward to connecting!

[salutation and name / email signature block]

Best Tips for Writing Effective Subject Lines

Without a strong subject line, even the best real estate email templates are pointless. So before you hit send, it’s crucial to gain an understanding of how to write subject lines that maximize open rates so you can convert more leads into clients. Here are four quick tips.

✅ Be Specific

Your leads may not always be expecting your email. So depending on the situation, it may be helpful to include a specific point of reference in your subject line. For example, “Your Request Information about 4325 Maple St.” is better than something generic like “RE: Your Listing Inquiry.”

✅ Stick to the Point

Yes, it’s important to get your leads to open your email. But for follow-up emails, increasing open rates isn’t the point. So don’t use a bait-and-switch tactic. It creates a terrible first impression, which is enough to ruin the relationship before it even begins.

Your subject line should be directly related to the content of the email. For example, instead of “My $1,000,000 Homeselling Secret,” the subject line for a seller lead follow-up email could say, “Discover the value of your home.”

✅ Make It Personal

Generic subject lines tend not to perform as well as personalized ones. Something as small as using their first name (e.g., “John, thank you for contacting me!”) or mentioning the name of the relevant area (e.g., “Top things to know about Denver”) can make a big difference.

Another great way to add a personal touch is to use first-person (“I” / “we”) language. So instead of “Your request was received,” you’re more likely to establish a one-on-one connection by saying, “I received your listing information request!”

✅ Pique Interest

In some cases, your lead may need an extra nudge to open the email. There are several proven ways to pique interest (without sensationalizing or being “click-baity”). For example…

ask a question (e.g., “Do you know your home’s value?”)
tease (e.g., “Why now is the time sell”)
share surprising information (e.g., “$578,250: the current median listing price)
promise something (e.g., “Best homebuying experience. Guaranteed.”)

Get More Buyer & Seller Leads To Follow Up With

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