Needless to say, it has become widely known that ChatGPT and other AI tools can help businesses in any industry be more efficient. But for most real estate agents, exactly how that can be true for them is a mystery.

And that’s good news for you. Because with the ChatGPT real estate marketing and lead generation secrets revealed in this article, you’ll have a significant advantage over your competitors.

Welcome to the forefront of technology. You’re among the few real estate agents who are capitalizing on the time-saving, business-boosting advantages of AI.

Let’s dive in!

What Is ChatGPT Exactly?

According to ChatGPT itself, it is “an AI-powered conversational agent that can understand and generate human-like responses to text-based prompts or questions.” The program most of us know today is an iteration of the GPT (“Generative Pre-trained Transformer”) series of language models, which OpenAI first introduced in June 2018.

With ChatGPT, real estate agents now have an easy-to-use real estate marketing assistant that can help develop lead generation strategies and write compelling content that attracts potential clients (such as website copy, social media posts, brochures, and property descriptions, and anything else you write to promote your services).

How Can You Access It?

Visit and create an account. You can use the free plan, which provides everything you need. (Or you can upgrade to ChatGPT Plus for $20 per month to get faster response speeds, priority access to new features, and access even when demand is high.

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These Are the 5 ChatGPT Real Estate Lead Generation Secrets

1. Use ChatGPT for Real Estate Market Analyses & Insights

ChatGPT uses algorithms to gather real estate market data and trends from various sources (including real estate websites, government databases, social media, and news articles).

Then ChatGPT analyzes that data and distills it into digestible findings. For example, it can offer suggestions to real estate agents based on which neighborhoods are seeing the highest demand for homes, which types of properties are selling the fastest, and which price ranges are most popular.

✏️ Here’s how you can use this functionality for lead generation purposes:

  • Developing marketing strategies – Ask ChatGPT to recommend marketing strategies for reaching your ideal buyers and sellers based on what they would consider to be most compelling.
  • Ensuring your pricing strategy will be effective – ChatGPT can analyze historical data on property prices and trends in a given area to identify patterns and make predictions about future trends, which may help you set competitive prices that satisfy the needs and desires of both buyers and sellers.

(But keep in mind that ChatGPT has a “limited knowledge” of information that’s more recent than 2021. Google Bard, which works the same way as ChatGPT, might be more reliable in this context since it may use more up-to-date sources.)

2. ChatGPT Real Estate Script Writing

ChatGPT is an excellent script generator. But remember, the hallmark characteristic of a good script is that it helps you sound natural, not like a robot. So it’s especially important in this case to…

Provide detailed instructions in your prompt that specify exactly what you’re looking for (including the situational context, tone, and length).
Adapt ChatGPT’s response to fit your particular personality, word choice, and voice.

✏️ Ask ChatGPT to help you write scripts for…

  • Cold call prospecting
  • Calling FSBOs
  • Connecting with referral leads for the first time
  • Responding to website leads

3. Use ChatGPT for Real Estate Marketing Emails

ChatGPT starts by analyzing your target audience, using the information and context you provide in your prompt. Based on what the AI finds, it can suggest effective subject line ideas, write compelling email content and calls to action, and even offer tips for increasing open and click-through rates.

✏️ Here’s how you can use this functionality for lead generation purposes:

  • Re-engaging cold leads – Use ChatGPT to write a personalized, compelling email (or a series of emails) to “check in” and reconnect with those in your database who seem to have lost interest.
  • Email clients to ask for referrals – Encourage current and past clients to refer their friends and family to you by offering (a clear) incentive, such as a discount for a service you provide.
  • Setting up an email series potential leads can subscribe to – ChatGPT can help you craft a welcome series your website visitors could subscribe to, for example, that would offer value and invite them to contact you.

4. Use ChatGPT for All of Your Copywriting Projects

ChatGPT is helpful for more than just long-form content creation – it’s helpful for writing snappy, punchy, and even humorous copy. Being that ChatGPT is “an AI language model,” this is just the sort of thing that comes to most of our minds when we think of how it can help in a business setting.

You provide a clear prompt that specifies the type of project you’re working on, and ChatGPT uses its natural language processing capabilities and the vast amount of text it has been trained on to generate a range of responses.

✏️ Of course, the list of ChatGPT real estate copywriting prompts could get extremely long. Instead, here are some examples of the kinds of marketing-related writing projects it can help you with:

  • Social media posts designed to spark conversations
  • Compelling copy for your real estate website
  • Slogans prospects can’t ignore
  • Powerfully persuasive CTAs
  • Print and online advertisement copy

5. Use ChatGPT To Assist With Content Creation

This isn’t the place to dive into a complete explanation of how ChatGPT works, as fascinating as that may be. Instead, here’s the bottom line:

When you ask ChatGPT a question or give it a topic to write about, it uses what it has learned from reading text of all kinds across the internet to understand what you’re asking for and to provide a response using “natural language processing algorithms.”

✏️ Here’s how you can use this functionality for lead generation purposes:

  • Brainstorming for content ideas – For example, you could ask ChatGPT to give you “15 real estate blog topic ideas that target homebuyers.” If the title ideas aren’t enough, just ask ChatGPT to go into greater detail.
  • Research and information synthesis – Think of ChatGPT as a search engine that can crawl the internet, find what you need, and give it to you in an accessible, skimmable format.
  • Quickly writing compelling content that attracts your prospects – Simply enter a prompt with a detailed set of instructions, and watch ChatGPT go to work! Chances are, you’ll get at least a good starting point.

Heads Up: Writing With ChatGPT Still Requires Some Know-How

High-quality writing is more than a luxury. It’s a crucial part of generating real estate leads. How so? Because it’s more likely to rank well on search engines (which increases your online visibility), and it’s more compelling (which increases the likelihood potential leads will take the desired action).

The problem is, due to the nature of how the AI works, ChatGPT can sometimes produce unoriginal or, frankly, low-quality content. As a result, you can easily waste a lot of time improving and editing the less-than-ideal content it gives you, which ironically defeats the purpose of using the tool in the first place.

ChatGPT works best as a writing assistant. To get the highest quality output, you need to be aware of the best practices.

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