Everyone who has access to the internet has been delighted by memes at some point. But your average Realtor might be surprised to learn that memes are about more than just cheeseburger-loving cats and goofy dogs—there’s no shortage of funny real estate memes, too.

We’ve created our own variations of classic real estate memes and rounded up a few others which we felt would be a crime not to share.

Why should agents care about memes? Engaging with your leads and clients on social media using real estate memes like these is an excellent way to humanize yourself and connect with them on a more personal level. After all, “make someone laugh and they’re yours forever.”

Let’s Get to the Memes!

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this one…

Real estate memes can be a great way to humanize yourself and connect with leads.

Doggone right!

Real estate memes can be more than just a good time. Done right, they can even be part of your lead generation strategy.

Seriously, though.

cute chicken disgruntled

There’s no such thing as overKOALAfied.

koala koalafications real estate meme

Every Realtor knows it—Zillow is nuts.

Squirrel surprised looking around tree real estate meme

Texas summer: “Can I live inside my AC?”

cat hanging on heater real estate meme

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Pity the fool. (Is it your client?)

dog and baby talking real estate meme

It’d be CAT-astrophic for you.

cat darth vader real estate meme

I’m FELINE good.

cat real estate meme

Let your local FSBOs know ASAP!

Looking to connect with your target market? Why not use a good real estate meme every now and then?

(Not) groovy, baby.

Yes, even an Austin Powers real estate meme can serve a purpose in your overall marketing strategy.


real estate meme Leonardo DiCaprio

A boo-tiful real estate meme.

scarecrow on porch with pumpkin head real estate meme

“I got it!”

dog running on beach with stick in mouth fetching dream home real estate meme

Darn straight!

world's most interesting man meme - i don't always list... but when i do, it sells

“Say, did you know buying is cheaper than renting?”

agents chasing after first time home buyers real estate meme

This would be a grievous mistake!

lowballing offer in a sellers market real estate meme

Italy is fancy, so isn’t pizza fancy, too?

agents providing pizza at open houses real estate meme

It’s an around-the-clock job, after all.

when your buyer client calls during dinner real estate meme

At least they might list with you, too…

when only the neighbors come to your open house real estate meme

Make Your Own Funny Real Estate Memes!

Have a funny idea for a meme? If you’re a Realtor, chances are you encounter meme-worthy situations every day when you’re working with clients.

There are dozens of free online tools for creating memes, but ImgFlip.com is our favorite. It will probably take a little bit of trial and error to get your meme just right, but the effort is justified by all the chuckles you’ll get from your colleagues.

Once you’re done, don’t forgot to share a link in the comments below!

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