Market Leader’s newest leads product gives agents the opportunity to grow their database quickly with a high volume of exclusive social media leads in their local market.

Introducing Network Boost, our latest social media leads product. Leveraging the built-in lead-capturing power of Facebook and Instagram, agents can quickly and easily connect with potential home buyers and sellers in their area each month without having to build or manage their own advertising campaigns.

With Network Boost, Market Leader’s team of advertising experts work on agents’ behalf, handling the complexities of Meta’s advertising platform to create and optimize targeted ads for Instagram and Facebook. Every lead is located in customers’ target markets and is exclusive, meaning leads aren’t shared between agents. Network Boost helps real estate professionals get the most out of their budget by providing a large quantity of leads at a low monthly cost.

In addition to generating social media leads, Network Boost is perfectly suited to work in tandem with Market Leader’s newly optimized lead engagement platform, which automatically follows up with leads until they are ready to connect. With welcome emails, listing alerts, a pre-built monthly newsletter, and an 18-step drip campaign, the lead engagement platform is designed to drive potential clients to the agents’ website. Thanks to these powerful new tools, Market Leader customers are experiencing a 40% higher response rate with their leads. Learn more about Market Leader’s marketing automation tools.

With these two Market Leader solutions, not only do Network Boost users get to reap the rewards of a passive lead generation strategy, but they also increase the likelihood of connecting with leads who will become clients.

“We’re excited that Network Boost frees up agents to focus on building meaningful relationships instead of building social media ad campaigns, which often requires a lot of time, trial and error, and a considerable degree of technical expertise,” said Annie Switt, Market Leader’s Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations. “Lead generation is ultimately a numbers game. Considering today’s market, our priority is to put agents in contact with as many consumers as possible and to nurture the leads until they’re ready to engage with the agent. As a result, not only do Network Boost and our lead engagement platform increase the likelihood that agents will have more conversations with their leads, but it’s also maximizing their return on investment.

Agents who were given the opportunity to try Network Boost early have already seen positive results. Ryan Lawasani (Lawasani Group, Grove City, OH), for example, said “Six weeks into using Network Boost, I’m thrilled that my experience has exceeded expectations, resulting in two buyers in contract and a successful listing. Market Leader is truly the market leader in lead generation.”

Network Boost is now Market Leader’s third real estate lead generation product, alongside HouseValues (home seller leads) and Leads Direct (home buyer leads). After a successful soft launch, Network Boost is now available to all new and current customers.

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