With Market Leader Teams, tight-knit real estate teams now have a tool they can use to streamline workflows, boost profitability, automate lead nurture, and foster a culture of collaboration.

Introducing Market Leader Teams, our all-in-one system that we built with the budget and needs of small, highly collaborative real estate teams in mind. It provides them with a customizable real estate website and a robust CRM system that uniquely features a marketing automation platform and a shared contact database.

Market Leader Teams fills a crucial gap in the real estate software market. Currently, there are no affordable, fully integrated tools which are perfectly suited to help collaborative teams provide the highest levels of service for consumers and achieve their fullest potential as a business.

As a result, small teams have been forced to make a choice: Either they pay more than they can afford for a system that does more than they’d ever need. Or they forfeit leader oversight functionalities and user permissions by using shared accounts.

Market Leader Teams is the first solution to offer a viable alternative to that double bind.

The system features advanced lead routing options and enables leaders to assign tasks to their colleagues. From the task management dashboard, team members can view the shared contact database and provide support as needed by completing tasks on each other’s behalf.

Additionally, team members can leverage the user-friendly marketing center, which includes a library full of pre-built templates that can be customized to match a team’s branding. All customized marketing content can be quickly accessed and seamlessly integrated into campaigns from a shared library.

We also prioritized scalability. It’s easy for teams to add new members. And it’s also affordable to do so, with a fixed cost for up to 10 members.

Market Leader Teams users who need quick growth and a steady stream of exclusive leads every month can combine their system with Network Boost—Market Leader’s latest social media leads product iteration—and our recently updated lead engagement platform. Thanks to these recent updates, Market Leader customers are experiencing a 40% higher response rate with their leads. Learn more about Network Boost.

“Empowering real estate agents with the high-quality systems they need to manage and grow their business has been at the heart of what we’ve done for the past 24 years,” said Annie Switt, Market Leader’s Senior Vice President of Revenue Operations. “We’ve recognized the significant void in the market, and we’re excited to lead the way in offering the first all-in-one solution that has all the features which small, collaborative teams need at a price point every team can afford.”

Following the successful launch of Network Boost – our third real estate lead generation product – Teams marks the second new product release in as many months.

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