Craig Rowe, technology reporter at Inman News, recently reviewed Market Leader and the results are in…

Below you’ll find a snapshot of Craig’s review. The full article, complete with screenshots and a deep dive into the Market Leader system, is available to Inman Select subscribers. If you’re not an Inman Select subscriber, you can access the review here.

Introduction: Market Leader is a CRM and marketing software for agents and teams.

    • Platforms: Browser, mobile app
    • Ideal for: All agents and teams

Top selling points:

    • Built-in website creator/management
    • Emphasis on contact management
    • Group-specific outreach campaigns
    • Lead management for teams
    • Highly scalable

What you should know:

There’s more here than meets the eye… Market Leader is worth looking into.

Now part of Constellation Real Estate Group, Market Leader emphasizes traditional customer relationship management, making it clear that its marketing tools are there to support that effort.

This means it focuses on lead conversion and nurture… For that, it offers integrations with a deep library of
industry lead providers.


There’s a lot of good in this CRM that’s been largely absent from industry conversations… That shouldn’t be the case, especially with its emphasis on teams, now an influential industry movement.

Market Leader has a modern, non-distracting user experience throughout, smart features and a keen eye for making complex sales efforts technologically easy.


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