At Market Leader, we love innovation—not just for innovation’s sake, but with the goal of helping our customers succeed. That’s why we’ve spent much of 2010 on enhancing our Vision contact management system, and that’s why we’re launching yet another set of features that will help our customers build their businesses more effectively than ever.

How?  Through more ways for our products to build a connection with online consumers, including:

  • Social media integration – Make it easy for prospects to share website listings from with friends and family through Facebook
  • Enhanced location targeting – Offer consumers the opportunity to search for homes using interactive maps
  • Improved price ranges – Help consumers find the home they can best afford with more specific price-range searching
  • Better neighborhood information – Provide local statistics about schools, market trends and local listings

Congratulations to the team who worked hard to conceptualize and develop all these powerful new features. We’re thrilled to launch them—and we’re not done (we’re never done!).  Look for more new enhancements in 2011.