How to Improve Your Lead Follow-Up and Conversion

Numbers don’t lie: As a whole, agents aren’t very good at lead follow-up and conversion. Alarming statistics, like how 50% of all real estate leads are never followed up with, provide damning evidence that even many experienced agents don’t understand the fundamentals of turning new leads into clients.

This presents you with an opportunity. By learning how to excel at lead follow-up and conversion, you can capitalize on the weaknesses of your peers to beat them at turning buyers and sellers into clients!

Learn how you can improve your lead follow-up and conversion skills by watching this educational webinar recording. Senior Sales Coach Sheldon Rapoza discusses important topics – from understanding online consumer behavior to powerful tools that facilitate quick and effective lead follow-up and engagement – that will help you get more clients in 2017!

Watch this webinar recording to learn about:

  • Helpful business lessons demonstrated by worrying lead follow-up stats
  • Important consumer expectations – and how agents fail to meet them
  • Improving your follow-up by understanding online consumer behavior
  • Tools that facilitate quick and effective lead follow-up and engagement
  • And more!

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