What to Know Before Generating Leads in 2017

Make no mistake: You’ll need to spend a substantial amount of time and money on lead generation throughout 2017 in order to still be in the industry this time next year. But if you’re like the average agent, you’ll inadvertently waste much of these precious resources with harmful and inefficient lead generation and conversion practices.

Learn to maximize what you get out of your lead generation by watching this webinar recording. From converting leads without phone numbers to adapting to the ever-evolving habits of the modern real estate consumer, Sheldon will teach you strategies and techniques that will help you thrive in 2017.

Watch this webinar recording to learn about:

  • Harmful lead generation misinformation
  • Lead phone number myths – and solutions!
  • Real estate consumer trends you need to know
  • Disastrous lead follow up mistakes
  • And more!

Will You Need More Leads in 2017?

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