Every quarter, Market Leader nominates an agent or broker customer to be featured in the Spotlight section of our monthly customer newsletter, and here on our Market Leader blog. Our featured agent or broker shares their best practices, tips, and tricks in growing and managing their business with Market Leader’s comprehensive lead-to-close solution. Our featured agent for Q1 is Joe Bornstein.

With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Joe is the broker/owner of Rock Springs Realty, a full-service brokerage operating throughout the Central Florida market. His business model revolves around service excellence, resulting in a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace. Joe’s annual sales have continued to grow, even during the recession and current economic environment.

How are you using Growth Leader to compete in your local market?

Growth Leader keeps me at the top of the search engine results. On average, I generate 30 new leads a month and couldn’t be happier with the quality of my public site, quantity of leads generated, and performance of the back-end CRM system.

Since using Growth Leader, has your reputation in your market area changed?

Yes, my reputation in the local market has definitely increased using the Growth Leader system. As my lead generation and closings increase, the level of referrals, satisfied customers, and client testimonials have gone up significantly.

What aspects of Growth Leader have impacted your business the most?

Quite frankly, the Vision CRM system has allowed me to be more efficient and effective at processing and managing new leads. Time is the most important commodity I own. Any tool that can assist me in increasing my sales volume, while allowing me to be more time-effective, is a necessary asset in today’s real estate environment.

What best practices have lead to your success with Growth Leader?

Follow-up with every lead “immediately”—period! Then, maintain clear notes and sales history, schedule reminders, and check-in with leads often.

What is your favorite way to generate leads?

Any lead generated through the system is excellent—whether through advertising, Growth Leader, or organically. Basically it’s a numbers game and if I follow up and manage all my leads, my closing ratio far exceeds my time and financial investment in the system.

What is your favorite way to cultivate new leads?

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time building my public site organically. In addition to the advertising provided by Growth Leader, I do a ton of back-linking and blogging to build my brand and site presence on the search engines. I believe this has truly given me a competitive advantage over my competition—and allowed me to consistently generate a constant flow of new leads.

Do you have any other tips or tricks you’d like to share?

It’s so important to fully understand and leverage the complete Growth Leader system. If you have not fully populated your site, tested effective copy, and performed regular SEO analysis, then you are not maximizing your investment into the system. Please, take full advantage of the quality support and training available. It’s free! Let the experts assist and guide you how to build an effective brand, steady stream of leads, and greater wealth. I’m a committed customer and will be as long as I’m in the real estate industry.

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