As many real estate markets stabilize, more and more brokers are saying that their #1 priority is growing their team. It’s likely you will discover the recruiting world is now very different from, say 2006. There are different expectations—agents are looking for a safety net, and the comfort and knowledge that you are going to be there helping to grow their business while they are growing yours.

1.  Think Ahead. An essential step to a successful recruiting strategy is understanding how many agents you need. It takes time to find good agents, so don’t forget to plan.

2.  Get Their Back. Top agents know what they are good at—and they know that they are more efficient and successful when they delegate the rest of the details to other team members. Before you even begin recruiting top agents, make sure you have ample support to help all your agents with day-to-day tasks.

3.  Show Them What You Do. When speaking with a recruit, show—don’t just tell— them how you are actively creating marketing materials and generating leads for your team. Prove that you are committed to helping them grow and succeed in their business.

4.  Provide Systems for Success. Top agents know that there are dozens of agents in the area capable of closing a deal, but real success and high volume require a systematic approach to the business. If a broker is bringing in clients and actively working on business development, top agents will follow. This includes offering tools that cultivate prospects into clients fast! Any agent would prefer to work a hot or warm lead than spend time cold-calling. Call extra attention to all of the tools you offer when you’re recruiting—it’s that important.

And above all, sell them on your company. If they are good, it’s worth your while to put effort into building a relationship with them. They are likely to be significantly more valuable to you than any high-value client.