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by on October 28, 2010

If you have a great website, but are not doing anything to drive prospective buyers and sellers to it…it’s like having the world’s best billboard in the middle of the desert.  Who cares if no one can find it? Can your website create any “noise” or leads if no one even knows it’s there? Of course not.  

Make sure you’re capturing opportunities for free or low-cost…so there’s no excuse not to do them:

Email address. You’d be surprised how many people look to your email address to find your website. Don’t use or free emails—use your own website domain.

Email signature. Your sig will remind recipients of the many ways they can reach you and your services. And if someone forwards an email from you to a friend, that friend will know where to find you, too.

Open houses. Use sign-in sheets to capture email addresses, and send a “thank you for stopping by, come see my website for more listings” email.

Listing flyers. ‘Nuff said. That includes flyers for open houses you’re hosting, or your own listings.

Voicemail. Be sure to mention your website in your outgoing message.

Craigslist. Post your listings on the local with just a little information, and then link to your website for the full details.

Twitter bio. Be sure to have your website in your description.

Facebook. There’s a spot to write down your website address: use it.

Postcards. Yeah, everyone still sends postcards from time to time. Make sure your web address is on there.

Search engine optimization. (Click the link to view a previous post on SEO.)

This is just the beginning—there are dozens of other things you can do as well. We’ll cover those in future blog posts.

And of course, once you’ve got buyers and sellers coming to your website, that website had better be designed to capture leads and track what prospects are doing on your site.

What are your best tips and tricks for capturing leads on your website??

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