Today’s ever-changing digital world necessitates the use of technology to manage and maximize your relationships, transactions, and successfully market your business as well as your listings. With 97% of homebuyers searching online, your digital presence is not only important, it’s necessary to provide the real estate experience consumers expect today. As consumer expectations rise and attention spans become shorter, real estate marketing automation guarantees that no lead goes untouched and keeps you top-of-mind throughout the entire home buying and selling journeys.

Marketing automation saves the time and energy it would take to perform marketing tasks manually by automating the creation, scheduling, and sending of marketing campaigns. Real estate marketing automation streamlines lead generation and management, email marketing, the creation of single property websites, listing marketing, and social media marketing, so agents can focus on spending more time in front of their clients.

Having a CRM that supports your business is key. We recommend a platform that tracks lead behavior and automatically updates your contact database with new leads as they come into your funnel – whether they’re coming from your website, from third party sources like social media, or referrals.

Most CRMs come with the ability to automate repetitive tasks and marketing communications, like sending a follow up email to a new lead with listings they just saved on your website. Automation can do a lot of heavy lifting for you, when done correctly.

Your real estate CRM should track your lead’s activity on your website and help you engage with them accordingly by sending them automated listing alerts from your MLS, letting you know when they are active on your website so you can strike while the iron is hot, and with drip campaigns that provide consistent and relevant information to help them through their real estate journey.

An intuitive CRM that can monitor your lead’s activity is going to put you in the position to speak directly to their interests and activities in a way that’s neither invasive or creepy. In today’s digital world, customers are targeted by technology that tracks their online activity, allowing you to speak to them, wherever they are in their customer journey. Once you know what your leads are searching for and interested in, you can cultivate personalized messaging to engage them, build trust, and earn their business.

“The right CRM will have real estate marketing automation and go to work for you, helping you manage and nurture relationships who aren’t quite ready to transact, so you can focus on spending more time in front of clients. Having a CRM that truly supports your business is key,” says Brandy Savage, Market Leader Success Coach.

A CRM’s ability to automate marketing tasks saves time and energy, allowing agents to focus more time on relationship building.

Market Leader Professional’s real estate marketing automation includes:

  • creating and sending marketing campaigns based on lead type (buyers, sellers, referrals, relocations, and more)
  • streamlining lead generation and management by integrating with dozens of lead sources
  • email marketing with drip campaigns that keep you top-of-mind
  • creating single property websites
  • automated listing marketing
  • social media marketing

Pro Tip: Technology is only as good as its users. If you invest in technology, always be sure to go through training for your software solutions and become familiar with best practices when it comes to digital communications on the channels you use.

Know when to take your communication offline.

This is a big one. CRMs and marketing platforms are great for managing relationships and tracking activity, but should never take the place of real-life interaction. Knowing when to pick up the phone or meet in person is vital. While having a system to automate manual tasks, connect multiple lead sources, and nurture your contacts is crucial for successful relationship management, knowing when to take your communications offline is critical to actually converting leads. Never underestimate the value of human interaction.

The best way to connect with your leads is to meet them offline when they’re ready. If they start to ask questions about listings, your expertise or for advice, pick up the phone and suggest meeting face-to-face.

Market Leader Professional comes fully equipped with MLS integrations, a marketing suite with thousands of professionally designed marketing pieces and automation that enables you to continuously engage your sphere across multiple channels.


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