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Login FAQs

  • How do I find my CRM email address to sign in? Log into your CRM and go to My Account >> Settings. Under Profile Details find your CRM Email and use this email as your email login for your mobile app.
  • How do I create a PIN? Log into your CRM and go to My Account >> Mobile. Click the button to create your unique PIN. For security purposes, this PIN will only be valid for three minutes.
  • I’m locked out because I had too many invalid login attempts, what do I do now? If you are locked out, log into your CRM, confirm your CRM email address and create a new PIN. Use your CRM email and PIN to log into the mobile app.
  • I accidentally deactivated my device, what do I do now? You can reactivate your device by logging into your CRM and creating a new PIN. Use your CRM email address and your newly generated PIN to log into the app.

Navigating the App

At a glance the dashboard allows you to search for contacts, access your unread emails, identify the number of recently active contacts, and respond to your reminders for the day.

S2 - Dashboard 1Reminder

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Easily view, reply to, forward, delete, archive, filter and create emails in the mobile app. Plus, creating a new contact from an email is a cinch—give it a try!

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Accessing and working with your contacts has never been easier:

  • Search for contacts by name, phone, or email address in the top search bar
  • Toggle between Recently Active or All Contacts Views
  • Add or edit an existing contact—including status and type
  • Call, text, or email right from the contact record
  • View/Add notes, reminders, campaigns, groups and contact history

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Reminders make it easier to manage your day. Now you can easily navigate to see which reminders are due today, tomorrow, the past and the future.

  • Scan through reminders by date
  • See which reminders are past due
  • Call a contact directly from a reminder
  • Create and update reminders easily

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Edit your contact information, control your settings and your device in the Account Admin page.

S28 - Menu AdminRed

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