Market Leader Business Suite Powers a 225 Agent Brokerage

Nick Libert of EXIT Strategy Realty has over 220 agents on Market Leader Business Suite. A strong client for the past seven years, Nick’s brokerage provides their agents a strong CRM, front end website, and integrated marketing center – all at an affordable price with Market Leader Business Suite. Nick appreciates that the system is easy to use so agents and their assistants can use it without extensive training. The prewritten newsletters and marketing content at agent’s fingertips are wonderful and what they love most is the integrated mobile CRM app so their phones are an extension of the CRM, eliminating double data entry and allowing them to keep their database up-to-date while on the go.

Nick shares his tips on leveraging groups in the CRM to keep their databases organized and easily send appropriate marketing content targeted to the right contacts. According to Nick Libert, Market Leader allows agents to, “quickly and easily build longer, deeper, and better relationships.”

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Market Leader Business Suite

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Marketing Automation

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Mobile App

Respond to new leads quickly and effectively with real-time alerts and lead insights.
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