[EPISODE #9] SEO Basics: Internet Content Best Practices

Andy Fulton, Market Leader marketing managerIn this episode of Real Estate Stream, marketing manager Andy Fulton returns to discuss some SEO best practices for creating, publishing, and formatting content on your website. As you will learn, simply slapping text, images, and videos onto your website isn’t sufficient to increase the amount of traffic it receives from search engines!

These best practices include the following:

  • Keep your website’s content fresh by regularly adding or updating content.
  • Make sure your website’s pages don’t have “thin” content.
  • Only publish unique content on your website – don’t duplicate the content of other websites.
  • Add images and videos to your website wherever it makes sense to do so.
  • Use good formatting with your website’s content to make it easier for your visitors to read.
  • Add targeted keywords – in moderation – to key parts of your webpages, like the meta title.

This episode is a must-listen for any real estate professional who wants to learn how to optimize the content they publish on their website.

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