Home buyers have changed. Have you?
Understand your customer's journey to buying a home.
The journey to buying a home takes
11 - 27 months
you think
your leads are here...
90% of buyers start their journey here
Engage in the customer journey,
not just the transaction

Consideration (27 months before closing)

Introduce yourself and allow the lead to browse. Build a foundation for a long term relationship.
Home buyers are thinking:
I want trends and high level information but I haven't even thought about talking to an agent.
Is now a good time to buy?
What areas should I consider?
What type of home do I want?
How far do I want to commute?

Leads in this stage are...

  • Just thinking about buying
  • Probably not talking with other agents
  • Noticing real estate related news and info
  • Seeking information from friends, family, and online

What you should do...

  • Contact them immediately, but don't sell
  • Let them know you're available for questions
  • Don't rush engagement, let them come to you
  • Get technology to track and engage over the long term
Test your knowledge
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Which is a sign that a lead might be in the consideration phase?
  • Complaining about their current living situation on Facebook
  • Getting married and/or expecting children
  • Relocating for a new job
  • All of the above
Answer: All of the above
There are several small signals consumers give to show that they are in the consideration phase. Listen to your friends, family, and follow comments on social media.
76% of home buyers found their agent via a referral
  • True
  • False
Answer - False
According to NAR, only 40% of buyers found their agent via a referral and only 10% used an agent they worked with in the past. Nearly 1 in 3 found their agent online.
What percentage of home buyers are also sellers?
  • 23%
  • 43%
  • 78%
Answer: 43%
According to a recent study of home buyers and sellers, almost half (43%) of all buyers also had a home to sell.
What's the main reason people search online for homes?
  • Browse listings
  • Find an agent
  • Get preapproved for a mortgage
  • All of the above
Answer: Browse Listings
The primary reason buyers go online is to browse listings. If you want buyers to visit your website, make sure it has listings, and lots of them!
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The first agent to make contact is...


more likely to convert a lead.

bottom line

Be known, but let them browse

Online Research (11 months before closing)

Be found where the leads are, online. Communicate on their terms and aid them in their quest for information.
Home buyers are thinking:
I’ve started browsing and researching online to get an idea of what I want and what's available.
What can we afford in our area(s) of interest?
What are the demographics, schools, crime rates like in this area?
What financing options are available?

Leads in this stage are...

  • Browsing listings online, but still far from buying
  • Exploring what they want and what they can afford
  • More likely to communicate via web & email
  • Not ready to choose an agent, but need expertise

What you should do...

  • Be found online
  • Ensure your website is a source for information, not a sales or marketing pitch
  • Reach out on their terms. Don't rush a meeting.
  • Email with relevant information to develop trust and stay front of mind
Home Buyer Behavior
searched online during the home buying process
who performed research online visited the website of an agent
registered on a website to receive listing alerts
Most Popular Websites

used by consumers when researching homes online

Local MLS


Real Estate Agent / Broker Websites



(Trulia, Zillow, etc)

Information Consumers are Gathering Online
  • Details about homes on the market
  • Neighborhood and school information
  • Specific market conditions
  • Tips on purchasing a home
  • What homes are worth in their area

Learn how to engage online consumers

bottom line

Increase Your Online Presence

Transaction (1 month before closing)

Provide exceptional service and guidance. Give customers a reason to promote your services.
Home buyers are thinking:
We need an agent to negotiate contracts and advise and guide us through the process.
What's the process for buying a home? What are the milestones?
How much should we offer for this home?
What are the contingencies? Can I lose my earnest money?
Are we competing with other buyers?
How long after closing can we move in?

Leads in this stage are...

  • Ready to buy a home
  • Curious about the process (appraisal, etc)
  • Wondering if they are getting a good deal
  • Concerned about timelines and logistics

What you should do...

  • Display your expertise
  • Guide them through the process
  • Provide resources and referrals
  • Do what's best for your customer

average time it takes to negotiate a home purchase


use the internet to determine home prices

Buyers Need
  • Assistance finding a home
  • Suggestions for home inspectors and financing companies
  • Clarification of inspection reports and contract details
  • Help negotiating terms of sale
Sellers Need
  • Assistance in pricing their home
  • Help marketing their property to buyers
  • A liaison between themselves and buyers
  • Support with contracts and negotiations

bottom line

Give Them a Reason to work with You again

Post-Sale (2+ month before closing)

Keep in touch with your customers to ensure repeat business and referrals.
Home buyers are thinking:
I want to know if my property is going up in value or not and what is trending in the market place.
I want to know about changes in my home's value.
I would like to receive updates about my local real estate market.
My friend is looking to buy a home, who should I refer them to?

Leads in this stage are...

  • Comfortable in their day-to-day
  • Not thinking about real estate
  • Appreciate information about their home's value
  • Likely to buy again in 5 to 7 years

What you should do...

  • Use automation tools to stay in touch
  • Provide gentle reminders of their home's value and market conditions
  • Connect with them on Social Media
  • Ask for referrals

say they would use the
same agent again

Stay in touch

Simple gestures are a great way to show a customer you care. Here are several ways to continue your relationship and increase the likelihood of referrals and future business with your customers.

  • Birthday Cards
  • Cookies
  • Flowers
  • Personal E-mail
  • Newsletter
  • Thank You Gift

bottom line

Generate repeat Business

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Start selling more homes, engage in the journey today

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