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First Contact Email

Generic first contact email suitable for any new lead.
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Paid Lead First Email

Initial email to a third-party lead from Zillow, Trulia, etc.
Make sure you replace (PAID LEAD SOURCE) below!
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Contacting Cold Lead

Touching base with a lead after having no contact for a while.
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Asking For Meeting

Asking to meet and explain why you should be the lead's agent.
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Direct Lead to Website

Directing the lead to visit your website.
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Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices

  • Provide a single strong call to action (e.g., "Get a free market report!") that is related to your email's content.
  • Use spell check to catch spelling and grammar errors! These errors make you look unprofessional, and unprofessional agents tend to be unsuccessful agents.
  • Make sure all the content that is included or linked to in your emails is of interest to the contacts you're sending them to.
  • Keep the main message, call to action, and links "above the fold," or visible without scrolling down in the email.
  • Always be testing! Try out new subject line styles, calls to action, messaging, tone, and send dates and times to improve your email open and response rates.
  • Ensure your emails clearly communicate their main messages and calls to action, even to the recipients who quickly scan them.
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