Real Estate Agents: You Need a Business Plan.

“The number one reason businesses fail to grow is because they don’t have a plan.” 

Million Dollar Pipeline Program coach, Sheldon Rapoza dives into the challenges agents face developing the right routines, along with  importance of having and documenting a business plan as we approach 2019, to ensure a successful future. 


Your business plan will help to map out your growth in the coming year, with 2019 outlooks and trends, preparing for the transition to a buyer’s market, strategies for success, and worksheets to document your 2019 strategy.

Download your free real estate business plan to get access to: 

  • Worksheets for identifying transaction and lead goals
  • Real estate marketing plan, with examples
  • Tools for tracking your progress throughout the year
  • Expense tracking tools and worksheets
  • And more!

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