When you take your dog for a walk, which one of you is in control? Sure, you hold the leash, but who ultimately controls the pace and the length of the stops along the way?

The situation is similar to an agent’s relationship with potential real estate clients. Although we like to think we hold the leash, they are in complete control over how long they remain at the “potential” level – and how much time it takes for them to move from the top of the funnel to the bottom.

While that is a very general analogy, dogs can actually teach us some specific lessons about how to conduct ourselves in the real estate business. Let’s take a look at how being a bit more like Fido can help you in your business.

1. Rejection Won’t Kill You

“You would never know anything negative happened to him,” said an adoption agent at an animal shelter in Chicago. X-rays of Porkchop, a 6-year-old Labrador Retriever mix, showed 50 BBs lodged inside of him.

Despite this obvious and violent rejection, Porkchop had a wag and a smooch for everyone he came in contact with. “The resiliency of animals, and dogs specifically, is always really amazing. The dogs don’t tend to dwell on the negative,” imparted the shelter worker.

Reluctance to make calls, the inability to set goals and an unwillingness to take risks – these are all symptoms of the fear of rejection. Dwelling on what might happen – the negative – can keep you from doing what must be done to build your business.

Be like Porkchop. No matter how your last round of prospecting went, how many verbal BBs you think you may encounter, jump back into it today, tail held high, eager to make new friends.

2. Be Joyful

What dogs can teach agents about working in the real estate industry

If you ever want to witness pure joy, let your dog off the leash in nature. It’s a picture of running, jumping, tail-wagging, tongue-lolling, absolute joy. It’s also contagious.

Think about how just witnessing your dog’s ecstasy changes your mood. It’s hard to remain dour and negative when someone else is having so much fun.

It’s a lesson, indeed, for real estate agents. If a real estate consumer has a choice – and he or she does – to work with a sourpuss or a person that exudes positivity and passion, it’s a safe bet they’ll choose the latter.

Remember, happiness is contagious, and an obvious passion for what you do is compelling.

3. Be Persistent

When it wants something, a dog is downright persistent. Begging for a bite of your sandwich, scratching at the door to be let in or out, a stubborn refusal to get down from an off-limits piece of furniture – all are examples of its tenacity.

This type of determination even has its own descriptor: “dogged.” You can either pursue success, or you can “doggedly” pursue it.

For agents, whether that means conscientiously and consistently following up on every lead you receive, persistently reaching out to past clients and those in your sphere, or staying on potential listing clients until they “list or die,” obstinate determination is one canine quality we can all afford to adopt.

Running a real estate business is tough, especially if you’re a solo practitioner. Sometimes it requires looking in novel directions for inspiration. Optimism in the face of adversity, the ability to unabashedly show your passion for your chosen profession, and developing a dogged determination to succeed are just a few of the things your dog can teach you about running your real estate business.