In the real estate business, there’s a wide spectrum of agents, from the novice to the veteran, the part-time to the dedicated, the traditional to the innovative, and the poor agent to the rich agent. And, every agent and brokerage seems to have slightly different strategy for marketing, advertising, converting leads, and maintaining relationships.

But, what are the country’s most successful real estate professionals doing that set them apart in their business?

ActiveRainrecently did an extensive survey of real estate professionals around the country and made some important discoveries about what the most successful real estate agents are doing differently.

First, how do we define a poor agent? He or she is someone who makes less than $35,000 per year in the real estate industry. The rich agent is someone who earns more than $100,000 per year.

The most significant discovery that ActiveRain uncovered in their research is this: rich agents spend six times more on technology and 10 times more on marketing than their colleagues.

In addition, did you know:

  • Rich Agents are 54% more likely to use an IDX website with listings. A personalized, consumer-facing website strengthens your brand and captures leads, all without leading potential clients away from your site.
  • Rich Agents are 153% more likely to use an advertising assistant. The most successful agents let technology be their assistant. Streamlined Craigslist posting, automatic listing alerts, and email marketing campaigns do the heavy lifting while you concentrate on more pressing business matters.
  • Rich Agents are 175% more likely to use Internet advertising. Online advertising targets qualified leads and delivers them right to you. Save time and money by making technology do the work.
  • Rich Agents are 35% more likely to blog. Open an interactive conversation with prospects and clients, while developing your reputation as a real estate expert.

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