Brokers: grow your 
business with leads, 
tools, and education

Brokers: grow your
business with leads,
tools, and education

As a real estate broker, you need to provide your agents with a pipeline of leads and the tools to help transform these prospects into closed sales. Your agents are facing a competitive market—and it’s time to update your strategies with Market Leader's one-stop solutions.

Capture more real estate leads

Grow your business with lead generation team and agent websites that attract home buyers and sellers while helping you increase conversion rates. Every registered lead is automatically entered into the integrated contact management system as a "smart lead," complete with a history of which houses were reviewed and saved to help you distinguish the buyers from the browsers. A solid pipeline is key to your agents’—and your—success. Learn more ways to generate leads with Market Leader.

Power your brand with the Marketing Center

Our integrated system comes with an entire Marketing Center. You have everything you need to create professional marketing materials, power your brand, and engage with your entire sphere via email or direct mail—all in one convenient solution. Learn more about the Marketing Center.

Your agents' office can be anywhere with Market Leader Mobile

The power of Business Suite is also available on smartphones. No matter where your agents are, they can instantly respond to leads, connect with their sphere, and add contacts to their marketing campaigns via their smartphone, at no additioal cost. Go Mobile with Market Leader

Monitor business performance

Distribute leads directly from Market Leader Business Suite and instantly track the performance of your business. A detailed Dashboard will show you the leads being worked, how many sales have closed, and how quickly your agents are following up. Your agents have access to an integrated suite of contact management tools that help them engage and nurture the lead until the lead decides to act. You’ll gain insight to your agents and hold them accountable to their conversion and revenue goals. Managing brokers and owners, learn more here.

Empower your agents

All of the tools you and your agents need to succeed are in one fully-integrated system that’s powerful, innovative, and easy to use. From being more efficient with Craigslist lead generation to relevant listing alerts for your prospects, Market Leader Business Suite's unique and efficient tools will help you empower your agents to be their most productive. Plus, you and your agents have full access to our self-serve and live training and education process that will make each and every agent a confident and thriving Market Leader Business Suite user. Gain more productivity now.

Recruit top talent and retain the best agents

Simply put: Market Leader Business Suite is an effective and sought-after lead generation and management solution. Entice and retain the best agents in the industry by providing them with a steady stream of new leads and the tools to manage them successfully. Learn more about recruiting and retention.

Help all of your agents succeed.

Purchase Market Leader Business Suite today.


Save your agents time and money


Motivate and reward your agents! Market Leader Office Professional is the special bulk package that lets you offer our Professional system to your agents at a 25 -- 60% discount from the standard individual price. Your agents will have the tools to generate, manage, and engage with every lead. You’ll have a dashboard that helps you monitor agent performance for maximum productivity. Learn about Office Professional.