The right message,
to the right person,
at the right time

The right message,
to the right person,
at the right time

Four out of every hundred real estate leads are ready to buy or sell now. But the other 96 need more time and nurturing. Market Leader empowers agents and brokers to identify these different contacts and their particular needs.

All the data and tools you need to engage every lead

Powerful, integrated real estate software from Market Leader helps you meet their needs and cultivate the relationships that lead to closed sales.

  • Contact management software

    Every real estate agent wants a pipeline full of leads. But to engage with hundreds, or thousands, of leads over months and even years, you must nurture them until they are ready to buy or sell. Market Leader’s powerful contact management system provides the right tools for the short or long term. Learn more about contact management.

  • Marketing Center

    Power your brand with professionally-designed marketing pieces in your robust Marketing Center. Conveniently located within your Market Leader system, you and your agents have instant access to flyer, postcard and other design templates, as well as multi-step campaigns that are optimized for email or print use. High-resolution MLS images get buyer and seller attention, and campaign metrics give you insight into what’s resonating with contacts.  Learn more about Marketing Center.

  • Prospect information and activity reporting

    Separate the buyers from the browsers. Monitor consumer activity on your site and know exactly which real estate listings they’ve visited, revisited, and saved. With this valuable information, you’re sure to engage with prospects that are receptive—and eager—to receive your message. Read more about prospect activity reporting.

  • Property blast

    Sell listings faster! Keep buyers and sellers informed of your efforts with property blast. Email your active real estate listings to a targeted list of relevant prospects and track who’s interested. Read more about property blast.

  • Mobile consumer website

    Home buyers can conveniently preview homes for sale on your Market Leader website—right from their mobile phones, with a website that is automatically optimized for their phone. Learn more about mobile consumer websites.

  • Task management

    Cultivate and maintain prospect and client relationships by sending instant reminders and alerts—even if it’s just to say “happy birthday!”