Gain the competitive 
edge with direct mail

Gain the competitive
edge with direct mail

Your Marketing Center gives you everything you need to WOW potential home buyers and sellers via direct mail. Showcase your listings with high-resolution MLS images. Our print partner, Shutterfly®, makes it easy to order and print high-quality materials with just a few clicks. Plus, you can use “set it and forget it” multi-step campaigns that target your customers and help you stay top of mind.

Reach your entire sphere

Direct mail helps you connect with all of your offline lead sources, increasing your chance of response by helping you send the right message, through the right medium. You’ll attract new leads with traditional direct mail campaigns, targeted at specific consumer groups that are largely ignored by today’s online-obsessed real estate industry. You’ll also build a consistent and more powerful brand identity by using the same materials for all email marketing, online marketing, and print marketing pieces.

  • Launch custom campaigns

    Launch custom campaigns

    Use custom campaigns or more than 50 pre-built campaigns to effectively engage with your entire database or specialized groups—first-time homebuyers, single-female homebuyers, and more. In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to set up a direct mail campaign with eye-catching design templates and “set it and forget it” technology.

  • Create greeting cards and postcards

    Create greeting cards and postcards

    Reach out to your contacts by using over 1,000 templates for greeting cards and postcards. Use greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, or just for fun. For postcards, you can use our MLS integration to highlight a particular listing and get the attention of motivated buyers. You can also produce oversized, 6x11 panoramic postcards for added emphasis.

  • Produce your own newsletter

    Produce your own newsletter

    Send “build your own” customized newsletters or choose a pre-built newsletter design with a selection of articles to keep contacts engaged and position yourself as a valuable resource. Choose from more than 70 newsletter templates.