60 Days to agent success

60 Days to agent success

Congratulations! You now have access to the real estate industry’s most integrated and powerful lead-to-close system. It's the one solution that does it all: lead generation, websites, contact management, Marketing Center, and education.

Follow this simple, step-by-step process to set up your account. Create your game plan for easily building and managing your lead pipeline. Learn how to effectively respond to prospects. It’s all here, and so are we. It’s what you should expect of a Market Leader. Welcome.

For your convenience, much of your training will be done online, on-demand, in addition to valuable weekly live webinars—plus we have a support team dedicated to answering your questions or offering additional guidance. Just call 877-450-0088.

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Account Set Up

Watch  Tutorial Description
Customize Your Account Settings (5:00) Ensure that your correct contact and marketing information are displayed on your website and marketing materials.
Connect to Your IDX (3:19) Set up your MLS IDX feed so listings will show on your website.
Add Notification Alerts (1:18) Tell the system how you want to be notified when you get new leads and new emails.
Customize Your Site Theme (1:52) Choose How Your Website Appears to the Public.
Customize Banner and Logo (3:45) Select the logo and banner images that you wish to display on your website.
Customize Your Site Text (3:46) Edit the default text on your website so your site can place high on Google and other search engine results.
Customize Your Email Tab (4:59) Customize your email signature and the default email your contacts will receive when they register on your website.
Communities Served (2:59) Showcase the main communities that you specialize in and serve on your website's home page.
Customize Listing Search Areas (2:21) Expand the Areas that Visitors Can Search on Your Website.
Customize Search Fields (1:28) Customize the Fields Site Visitors Can Use to Narrow Their Listing Search.
Listing Address Display (3:10) Choose When You Want Website Visitors to See Listing Addresses.
Set Up Your Billing and Shipping Profile (2:45) Set up Your Billing and Shipping Information to ensure that you’ve set up your preferred payment method for your subscription and to select a different payment method for your Marketing Center purchases.
Add a Contact (2:04) Start adding contacts to your system.
Customize General Info (2:39) Insert Information Such as Your Company Name, Address, Telephone Numbers, Email Addresses, and Time Zone.
Log in to Market Leader Mobile (2:01) Learn how to quickly and easily log in to the Mobile version of Market Leader on your phone.


Lead Generation and Management Tools

Watch Tutorial Description

Initial Contact Wizard (6:34) Quickly Respond to Inquiries with the Initial Contact Wizard.
Using Reminders (2:49) Use the reminder system to keep track of upcoming tasks.
Managing Your Day (5:05) Implement a specific outline of what you should accomplish each day when you log in to your system.
Importing Leads from Major Real Estate Websites (4:26) Learn that with Market Leader's smart lead technology you can have leads from major real estate websites delivered straight to your Market Leader system so you can manage and market to all of your leads from one location.
Import Your Contacts (4:50) Import Contacts Into Your Database.
Create and Manage Groups (2:20) Create and Manage Groups of Contacts.
Using Favorite Homes to Engage Motivated Contacts (3:42) Learn how to tell when your contacts have 'saved' specific homes as their favorites and how to use this to improve your response rate from contacts.
Send Listings (6:32) Send Selected Listings to Your Clients.
How to set up Listing Alerts (3:27) Automated listing alerts are a great way to stay top-of-mind with your clients and ensure that you are sending the information they need.
Find Motivated Contacts (4:39) Use Recent Activity to Find Motivated Contacts.
Seller's Market Report (4:18) Create and Send a Seller’s Market Report.
Recommendations / Testimonials (1:13) Encourage colleagues and past clients to write you a recommendation or testimonial directly on your website.
Respond, Engage & Follow Up with Leads Direct Leads (7:11) Learn how to respond to a Leads Direct lead so you can engage your buyer and win more business!
Respond, Engage & Follow Up with HouseValues.com Leads (6:20)  Learn how to respond to a HouseValues.com lead so you can engage your seller and win more listings!
Set Up to Receive and Engage Trulia Leads in Your Market Leader System (5:58) Learn how your Trulia leads can be delivered straight to your Market Leader system so you can manage and market to all of your leads from one location.
How To Respond To a Just Listed Lead (11:18) Learn how consumers find you on JustListed.com and best practices to engage them.


Marketing Tools

Watch Tutorial Description
Overview of The Editor (4:51) Learn how to use the editor to customize your marketing pieces. 
Editor - Text (10:58) In this tutorial you'll learn more about text editing in the Marketing Materials editor.
Editor - Images (7:03) Learn more about text editing in the Marketing Materials editor.
Using the File Manager (2:49) Use the File Manager to efficiently manage your image library.
Editor - Add Links (2:37) Add a video or link an image to a website on your marketing piece.
Editor - Add a Map (3:05) Add a map to your marketing piece.
Editor - Postcard Back and Footer (3:21) View, create and save customized postcard backs and email footers.
Create a Property Flyer (7:56) Create and edit a property flyer.
Create and Send a Single Email Template (3:58) Learn how to create a simple customized email template that you can reuse for different contacts.
MLS Integration – Create a Property Postcard (3:33) Learn how to create a postcard showcasing one of your listings.
How to Email a Marketing Piece (3:42) Learn how to email marketing pieces to your contacts.
Post to a Website / Social Networking (3:04) Insert links in emails, websites, blogs, and social networking sites that drive viewers to your marketing materials. 
Order Professional Printing (4:25) Order professional printing of your marketing materials.
How to Purchase Targeted Mailing Lists (4:46) Learn how to purchase targeted Mailing Lists so you can send relevant & timely marketing pieces to grow your sphere of influence and drive consumers back to your website.
Build a Basic Campaign (3:21) Use a pre-built campaign that you simply want to add contacts to.
Build an Advanced Campaign (6:28) Customize and send an existing campaign.
Build a Custom Campaign (4:34) Build a marketing campaign from scratch. 
Add Custom Pieces to Prebuilt Campaign (3:03) Add additional pieces to an existing marketing campaign.
Add Contact to Campaign (2:53)

Add contacts to marketing campaigns as individuals or in groups.

Create a Virtual Home Tour (5:30)  Create a virtual home tour to market your listing.
Create a Property Market Evaluation (4:29) Create, customize and send a flyer to provide a seller lead with a market evaluation of their property, including comparable listings.
Home Seller Guides (7:07) Create and send a home seller guide, which details the selling process for your client.


Advanced Features

Watch Tutorial Description
Create a Single Property Website (2:43) Create a website to market an existing listing or exhibit a sold home.
Market Insider Strategies (8:37) Convert visitors into leads by driving them to your Market Insider page by using Facebook, Craigslist, LinkedIn and blogging. (Market Insider is not available in all areas)
Send the Market Insider eNewsletter (2:28) Send a newsletter to provide your contacts with market trends, community information, and school data and connect themto your Market Insider website.
PEAK Guide Tour (5:46) Learn about the PEAK Guide, which provides step by step guidance on creating a thriving real estate business.
The Agent Goal Setting Tool (5:57) Use the PEAK Guide's planning tool to develop a plan to achieve your income goals.
Using the Craigslist Tool (5:53) Use the Craigslist tool in your system to quickly post your listings and Craigslist to generate leads.
Using a Search Widget (3:29) Insert a search tool on your other websites to drive visitors to your Market Leader website and convert them into registered contacts.
Site Activity & ROI (3:05) Use Site Activity to understand where your contacts are coming from, to make educated decisions on where to spend your marketing dollars, and maximize your return on investment.
Featured Partners (2:58) Highlight local companies like title, construction, and staging companies by adding a Featured Partners page to your website.
Website Analytics Tour (5:02) See detailed visitor statistics to help improve your online marketing.
Adding a Video to Your Website (3:13) Embed videos into your website to engage your visitors.
Email a Property Blast (3:34) Use the Email a Listing tool to marketing one of your own listings to a targeted audience.
Create a Custom Page (2:40) Add a customizable page to your Market Leader website.

*Market Insider is not available in all areas.